Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Summary Of My Thoughts

I seems like forever since I have taken the time to write for this website.  Let's just run through the numerous posts I have been doing for our old friend, Brian Geltzeiler over at Hoopscritic

The NBA is in its early stages of the season. Many people are in their over reaction phase and I felt like now is a good time to write up a nice article that really has nothing to with X’s & O’s but with the nicknames of the players around the league. I took the nicknames from Basketball-Reference as a guide. They were missing some like Pyscho-T (which they later fixed after my tweet). Let’s have some fun, take a look and discuss the nicknames of the players on each team.

Denver Nuggets
Arron Agustin Afflalo (Spell Check)
Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson (KryptoNate)
Danilo Gallinari (Il Gallo, The Rooster)
Kenneth Bernard Faried (Manimal)
Wilson Jamall Chandler (brother from depaul – Spike Lee)

First off, Spell Check is probably the funniest nickname ever for someone who spells Aaron with two R’s and only one A. The Nuggets also have some classics like The Rooster (Gallinari) and Manimal (Faried). KryptoNate is okay but it plays off of Dwight Howard’s (aka Shaq’s) nickname. Can’t have the Kryptonate without Superman. One blaring miss of a nickname was Wilson Chandler, The Brother From DePaul. If you watched the 2007 NBA draft then you know about ESPN asking Spike Lee who the Knicks were going to take, and I paraphrase, “I hear they are going to take the brother from DePaul.” My friends and I died in laughter and since have called Wilson, The Brother from DePaul...

Recapping the Season After One Week

The Mavericks Are For Real

Only a few people saw this coming and I wasn’t one of them until I spoke to Moke Hamilton from Basketball Insiders on my podcast, NBA Unplugged. Charles Barkley also said not to sleep on the Mavericks this year. They could be a title contender.
Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NBA Unplugged - Nov. 18th with John Karalis from RedsArmy

John Karalis from Reds Army joined NBA Unplugged on November 18th to discuss the Mr. Triple Double (Rajon Rondo), where the defense went for Boston, the new explosive offense and the difference between a winning culture and losing culture.  Listen in down below:

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

NBA Unplugged - Nov. 11th with Kris from SLC Dunk

Kris from SLC Dunk joined NBA Unplugged on November 11th to discuss the newly wealthy young kids on the Utah Jazz.  Gordon Hayward has been on a tear, Alec Burks gets paid and the Jazz have their core locked in.  Listen in down below:

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NBA Unplugged - Nov. 6th with Natalie Sitto (Need 4 Sheed)

Natalie Sitto from Need 4 Sheed  joined NBA Unplugged on November 6th to talk about her passion for Josh Smith and everything three ball related or I made that up. Listen in down below:

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Monday, November 10, 2014

5 Things About The NBA: Small Sample Size Theater

So. Much. Basketball. In the last 2 weeks, I've almost overdosed on NBA action. I've watched the Cavaliers empty their bowels on the court in three of their 5 games. I've watched the "jilted lover" Miami hit thumb their collective noses at the rest of the league and bust out of the gates 5-1. A legend has returned, and 2 more legends-in-the-making have been shelved (injuries blow, man, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook should be dazzling on the court, not sitting in suits). The sheer amount of awesomeness this season actually had me paralyzed- what the hell would I write about? So screw it, I've got to start somewhere. Let's look at what we've learned from the first five-ish games:

Kobe IS Back...And His Fans (and Duh Haterz) Love It

Lakers fans have a solitary beam of light to focus on: 36 year old,19 year vet Kobe Bryant is 2nd in the league in scoring, pouring in 159 points in 6 games for a tidy 26.5 ppg.
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