Thursday, July 18, 2013

Noble's Weekly Notables: Kryie Irving Not Leaving, Return Of The Hornets, and The ESPY's

Hopefully everyone got their binge drinking and hot dog eating out of the way so we can get back to business.  The summer has slowed down for the NBA with players taking time off.  A few more signings are happening, mostly restricted free agents, but all of the big names have signed already. We will take a look at a few of the stories happening this past week and some opinions on the offseason.

Kyrie Irving Speculation

This story came out over the past couple of days with CBS Sports radio (TBD in the Morning) tweeting out that “someone in the know” says that Kyrie Irving doesn’t long for Cleveland.  I understand the city of Cleveland is jaded because of what Lebron did to them. We covered this topic prior but Lebron was free to leave, it’s just how he did it that I disagreed with.  So naturally, Cleveland is setting themselves for another heart breaker when Kyrie Irving becomes a RFA.  First off, Cleveland fans need to understand, the Cavaliers will without question match any offer sheet that Kyrie signs, which means he will be in Ohio for at least another 4-6 years.

I wanted to touch on the tweet by @TBDintheAM.  First off, who says “someone in the know”?  Are we removing the term “sources”?  And I would love to know who the somebody in the know is? I am somebody in the know, if you want that somebody to know things about tweeting.  And what I know is you do not say “someone in the know”.  It’s like when you try to sound smarter than you actually are but just end up looking silly because no one talks like that.  Secondly, “Kyrie Irving not long for Cleveland”.  Again, “not long”?  Whoever is in charge of that twitter account needs to go back to English 101 in high school because that is very indirect.  Long can mean many things but the context they are using it refers to love, in my opinion.  Again, everyone can interpret long many different ways.  Anyways, luckily for Cleveland fans, Kyrie came out and blasted the tweet and that “someone in the know.”

Charlotte Hornets Are Back

This very well could be the biggest breaking news of the summer.  It’s not 100% official yet but with the New Orleans Hornets changing their name to the New Orleans Pelicans, it freed up Charlotte’s bid to return to the Hornets.  Growing up the Charlotte Hornets were a marquee team with Alonzo Mourning and Larry “Grandma ma” Johnson.  Not to forget about guys like Mugsy Bogues or Kendall Gill, the Hornets were a known team around the country.  They were so popular they were everywhere, including Kendal Gill who appeared on My Brother and Me, a Nickelodeon show. 

I think the Bobcat experiment has failed in the NBA.  When Gerald Wallace is the franchise all time leading scorer, you know you have problems.  I have nothing against the city or the team but they haven’t been able to put out a good product.  They have made the playoffs only one time in their existence and have drafted anywhere from average to poorly.   In fairness to the Bobcats, a lot of issues are placed with Michael Jordan, the best player on the court and arguably the worst basketball mind off the court. 

The name change will be a good thing for the city of Charlotte.  Bring back the Teal color scheme and bring back the good vibes of a winning tradition, although, there are reports that they might not use the old color scheme.  Only time will tell what the Charlotte Bobcat/Hornets do.

The ESPY’s

 ESPN throws this lavish award show during the most dull sports time of the year.  There is no sports the day before or after the MLB All Star Game.  What better way to celebrate sports than to have ESPN make up a bunch of random awards for clips they pick based on their own television networks programming? I mean, we all knew the Miami Heat were going to sweep the awards for the sheer fact that the people in Bristol think there is only 6 teams in the NBA (Spurs, Lakers, Celtics, Heat, Thunder and Knicks). 

It’s an event where the stars gather and look glamorous.  Athletes get to be celebrities and celebrities get to hang out with athletes.  The employees of ESPN get to pretend to be famous and hand out a bunch of awards like “Play of the Year” and other nonsense that really doesn’t matter.  I am not sure how you can judge a great play between two different sports.  Sports in America is very complex, which is why Soccer will never do well here.  We all have different tastes and interests and it’s rare for someone to be a fan of “sports”.  If you are a fan of sports, you MUST like all sports. 

Take me for example.  I am a basketball guy first and foremost.  Next I follow the NFL and after that I am completely fair-weather.  So it’s hard to determine an award for “team of the year” with all sports and it’s as subjective as music.  So I don’t watch the ESPY’s or put much stock into it.  You’ll never hear someone use an ESPY count when debating teams or players against each other.

“Well Lebron has 9 ESPY awards so he must be better than Michael Jordan.”

I don’t want to give this negative view on the award show because it’s for entertainment and fun.  ESPN does have a heart from time to time and it showed last night with the Hoyts winning the Jimmy V Perseverance Award.  ( They also gave Robin Roberts the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.  (  Both of those were heartwarming tributes to people going above and beyond the call of duty, people who are great examples to society.  


Matt Silverston said...

I am so happy to see the Charlotte Hornets coming back to the league...a classic team with a classic logo that definitely needed REBRANDING

Jacob Noble said...

I agree, its refreshing to bring back the Hornets!

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