Thursday, July 25, 2013

Noble's Weekly Notables: JJ Redick's Love Contract, Nate Robinson and Derrick Rose's Comments

The summer has slowed down in terms of NBA news but there is still plenty to talk about.  I still haven’t figured out the best day to release my weekly column but just know that it will drop weekly at some point.  This week we take a look at JJ Redick’s personal life, Derrick Rose and Nate Robinson’s signing with the Nuggets.

JJ Redick’s Love Contract

We have all heard the stories of athletes going bankrupt and broke.  Some of the themes that cause financial issues with athletes are jewelry, cars and baby mommas.  Athletes earn enough money where these factors shouldn't attribute to them going broke but it does.  That is until MediaTakeOut got a hold of JJ Redick’s contract with ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Lopez.   

To summarize the contract up, Vanessa Lopez agrees to have an abortion if she gets pregnant by JJ Redick in exchange for dating rights for an additional year.  This isn't even the most bizarre part.  If Redick decides that he no longer wants to be in a relationship with Miss Lopez, he will have to inform her with a written notice and pay the sum of $25,000 dollars.   The contract also has some language to determine “Stalking” and includes a confidentiality agreement.  Luckily for us, someone didn't keep this contract confidential and this could set a new standard for dating in the professional sports world.

 I think this is a great tool for players to protect themselves.  I do not want to label all women who engage into a relationship with an athlete as evil because there are a lot of great women making their men better people.  For every horror story related to an athlete and a woman, there are 9 other successful relationships.  With reality television shows like “Basketball Wives”, we get to see inside the mind of these women who are getting into relationships for all the wrong reasons.  What JJ Redick was able to do was to protect his assets (his ability to earn money by playing basketball) with a legal contract with a girlfriend.  It will be interesting to see if other athletes use this tool or have been using this tool to protect themselves.

Nate Robinson Signing

Nate Robinson might just be the most interesting man in the NBA. I say this because he is a pleasure to watch both on and off the court.  Yet, he has a hard time securing a long term deal.  I pondered this the other day on twitter and feel that a lot of the responses I received were from hearsay or the stigma that Nate has.  What I got back was “he is a problem in the locker room”, “hard to coach”, and “a headache”.   Is any of this true?

I do find it interesting that both Doc Rivers and Tom Thibodeau have decided not to re-sign Nate when he became a free agent after playing for their ball clubs.  Both the Celtics and Bulls have a core of veterans along with an excellent coaching staff.  Usually, “problematic” players tend to do well in solid environments like the Bulls and Celtics have. However, both times, the teams didn’t offer him a contract.

Nate Robinson is entering his 9th NBA season and will be playing for his 6th different team.  This isn’t out of the norm for NBA players but it is if you look at it that Nate played his first four years in New York.  So really it has been 6 teams in 4 years.  Even more interesting in my opinion is the fact that Nate has been very solid the past few years as a back up point guard, especially last season with the Bulls.  Somehow, he is not valued around the league.

Jumping back to the issues with Nate that many people have for a second, you have to ask yourself, how much “trouble” does Nate cause?  He has never been in trouble with the law, he is an excellent father to his kids and he shows up on the court playing 100% every time.  Who wouldn’t want this type of basketball player on their team?   Does Nate goof around at times? Of course he does, it goes with his personality.  I haven’t heard any reports of teammates not liking Nate Robinson or teams suspending him or issuing a fine on him for his antics that people seem to think are distractions.  I just wonder why 29 other teams didn’t fight for his services, a guy who can score off the bench and provide a spark plug that is needed on most teams. 

Well the Nuggets got a steal signing Nate to a 2 year contract worth $4 million dollars.  If history tells us anything, it’s that Nate will have some memorable games with the Nuggets and put up his 11 or so points per game off the bench, backing up Ty Lawson.

Derrick Rose On Being The Best

We were all robbed of seeing one the best players in the world play basketball last year due to a few factors, re-aggravating an injury, not heeling properly and being over cautious.  Derrick Rose rushed back from injury two seasons ago forcing the medical team of the Bulls to be over cautious on their superstar.  He missed the entire last season.

The reason we are discussing Rose today is because he recently sat down for an interview with CNN and was asked, “Who do you think the best player in the NBA is?”.  Without any hesitation, Derrick calmly said, “Derrick Rose”. 

Goosebumps if you are a Bulls fan.  If you are not a Bulls fan, you should laugh it off. 

Unfortunately, this statement got everybody’s panties in a bunch. People are flipping out about this.  I love the mentality of sports fans because they are usually illogical.  They are never satisfied and always want athletes to do the exact opposite of what they do. 

Let’s look at this situation for a quick second.  Derrick is without a question a top player in the league, he has an MVP award for crying out loud.  So when asked who the best player in the league was, he said himself.  Wouldn’t you want your star player to say this? Do we get on Kobe’s case or Lebron’s case when they say something like this?  No, because you can debate that they are the best player in the league. 

Do I think Derrick Rose is the best player in the league? No, I’d still pick Lebron over anyone else but that doesn’t mean I think he shouldn’t have said himself.  All of the great players are so confident in their ability that they think they are the best player.  This is what makes the game so great.   How would it look if Derrick Rose was like “the best player is Lebron James”?  That would be bowing down to your opponent, someone who is going to stand in your way to winning an NBA championship for the next 5-7 years.  Of course you think you are better than your opponent.  There was nothing wrong with Derrick Rose’s comments about being the best player in the league.

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