Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 Playoffs Round 2, Game 2: New York Knicks vs Indiana Pacers

Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler-NBAE via Getty Images

Can Carmelo Anthony and his Knicks bounce back and even things up at 1-1 heading back to Indiana? Or do Paul George and the Pacers put the series in a stranglehold by going up 2-0?

What To Watch For:

Melo and JR Smith's Shooting Woes

 The 2 big guns for the Knicks combined to shoot 33% in Game 1. Look for them to eschew the jumper and try to attack the rim to 1) draw fouls on the looming Indy bigs and 2) bring that FG% up to closer to 50%.

Roy Hibbert vs Tyson Chandler

Tyson Chandler had usually had the edge on Roy Hibbert in the 10 games they faced off in prior to game 1, putting up 11-10-2 on 51% to Hibbert's 10-5.5-1 on 48%. His 4 point and 3 rebounds in game 1 won't cut it; New York desperately needs his defensive energy.

David West's Offense

Melo is one of the kings of "Bully Ball"; initiating contact offensively that keeps defenders on their heels. David West is a Bully Ball elitist. Melo guarding West at the power forward spot may be too much for the Knicks to handle.

More Chris 

Cope went 2 for 3 from deep in 8 minutes of play. The kid is a 42% 3 point shooter. Find him minutes, Woody.


The team with the best Indy won the B.A.T. (Boards + Assists - Turnovers) battle by +14 (44 rbs + 21 assists minus16 turnovers to New York's 30 rbs + 15 assists minus 10 turnovers). No idea how B.A.T. correlates to winning a game, but I like how it looks and I'm gonna start tracking it. Knicks must match Indiana's aggression on the boards and share the ball better.

(Is B.A.T. something we should really watch? I feel like it is. I'm taking credit for it.)

Calling it: Knicks win, 102-91


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