Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Steph Curry's Game 4 Third Quarter....With Links

As you will see below, Steph Curry exploded for 22 points in the 3rd quarter during his Golden State Warriors Game 4 victory over the Denver Nuggets, 115-101.  With the win, the Dubs took a commanding 3-1 lead in their opening round series, with Curry leading the charge.  Here are some of my reactions, while watching Meastro Curry operate all up and down the Nuggets body parts.  All links are safe for work (SFW).

HOOP 1:  Pump fakes man, dribble, corner three.  Eh, not bad.  He did do that 272 times in the regular season.  Same could be said for HOOP 2, as it's just a wide-open three that crushes the net with a violent swish.  But don't you just wanna scream this at the Nuggets.  Why aren't you guarding him!

HOOP 3:  5 under the legs dribbles, with a crossover on top, Steph tries whipping the pass under for a dunk, but ends up catching the ricochet, and scoops it off glass from a tough angle.  No doubt that J.J. Bucklin did this when seeing the aforementioned bucket.

HOOP 4:  Crosses Andre Miller, plops in the deuce with ease.  Pants Kez reaction.  Things only get saucier with HOOP 5, a three hit from way downtown.

HOOP 6:  This is where things really get bananas.  Once again, it's Andre Miller that Steph gets by, and the Curry Sauce finishes with a looping, high, bonkers lefty runner AND ONE, taking some contact, before jumping up, and clapping with the crowd.  Reaction here. And we cap things off with HOOPS 7 & 8.  The first is the ultimate Heat Check, just scurrying down the court, before launching from three (this is what I was doing), while the second occurs after he gets it back in the corner to hit one more three.

Five three's made in the quarter, plus a series lead, and his name now ringing out as the breakout player of these 2013 NBA Playoffs?  I'd say Steph Curry is enjoying his time right about now.


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