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Daily Dribbles 4/8/13: The Comedown Machine

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Good afternoon and welcome to the Daily Dribbles, where you have come to get some type of basketball knowledge and news, oh yeah, and snark. I missed you all last week due to a vacation. I'm sorry about that. Well, sorta of, I can't say I was losing a lot of sleep over not getting you news, but I still missed giving you my voice. We missed some things, obviously, so I'll hit those quickly for you here and give you my thoughts as we come down the final stretch of the season.

Miami sat two of its stars against the Spurs in San Antonio. The world lost its mind, saying two wrongs don't make a right, which references an incident from earlier in the season when Gregg Popovich sat his stars Tony Duncan and Manu Ginobli from a game hosted by the Miami Heat.

Fans are angry Miami coach Erik Spoelstra and the Heat have not been fined for the incident and those people are morons. Dwyane Wade was hurt games before that one and had been sitting for awhile and LeBron James -- whether he was hurt or not -- was placed on the injured list days in advance.

This is different than Pop's last-second scratch, that also included his players going back home to San Antonio. Wade and James were in attendance for the game and this game happens to be at the end of the season on the heels of a 27-game win streak. The Heat did things in accordance with the rules and Pop did things his way. That is the difference.

Mark Cuban said he would draft Brittney Griner, or at least consider, it if she was the best person on the board in the second round. He also said even if they didn't draft her, he would invite her to compete in summer leagues.

Now, you have some people, like me, who think this is a big deal and a very cool deal. After all, the last time something like this was even considered was in 1980 when Ann Meyers tried out for the Indiana Pacers. Meyers did sign a contract, but did not make the final roster. Griner is a considerable talent. Though she stands a slim, and I mean very slim, chance of pulling of something like this off, there is still a possibility. And that should be enough for her to forge forward because if she does, it can open up some interesting doors.

For those of you saying it would ruin the game in some way, well, you are idiots. If Griner is not good enough, which is most likely the case, she will not make the team. No one is going to sign her just to sign her. And if a woman by some chance is good enough to play with the men, then I say let it happen. If she goes through with it, she will bring a lot of attention to the women's game no matter what, and that is something the WNBA needs anyway. It's a win-win. Stop complaining.

Derrick Rose is still mulling his options over for coming back this season. My guess is he is going to pop in during the playoffs like Superman. The team is practicing together, and he has been on the floor so I don't see how it wouldn't be a fluid transition. It might be that spark the Bulls need to push past a team like the Heat. It could backfire, but I think it will be more like the Paul Pierce-wheelchair stunt.

Shaq had his jersey retired as a Laker in the Staples Center and gave a funny, humble speech. He also didn't thank Kobe Bryant in the speech, which, in turn, blew up Twitter, Facebook and the last few Google-plus circles that exist out there.

What a crappy idea that was. Nothing like coming late to the party. Actually, it was worse than that. Google was late and brought tofu squares as a snack to boot. Anyway, the world felt like Shaq thanking all his teammates as a whole but not thanking Kobe individually was some sort of  slight or a rekindling of beef. I think that would have been idiotic to do. Besides, he thanked him in his press release that came out before he gave his Staples Center address so just let it go people. Kobe and Shaq have moved on, why can't you?

And now to phase into the current stuff.

In a season filled with extended win streaks by multiple teams, it only seems fitting that the Knicks get one too. New York is on a 12-game run, behind some outstanding play from its star Carmelo Anthony. Anthony is on a scoring terror as of late, putting up 50, 40, 41 and 36 points in his last four outings that included wins against the Heat, Hawks and Thunder. It's an impressive run going into the playoffs. It's a streak that has the Knicks and Anthony back in their start-of-the-season form and, in the words of Mike Prada, "rediscovering themselves."

The Lakers suffered a loss to the Clippers last night, giving the Clippers their first division title and, in turn, suffering a massive blow to their playoff hopes as they dropped a half game behind the Utah Jazz for the eight and final playoff spot.

It is now looking like a very real possibility that the Lakers will not make the playoffs this year. But it is the Lakers, and miracles do happen sometimes. In this case, the miracle comes in the form of Metta World Peace, who will be returning to the lineup Tuesday night, just 12 days after having his torn meniscus surgically repaired.

Yes, that's insane, and yes, when it comes to this, Metta is insane. Can't say I am not worried about his knee, but if you wanna talk about someone who is willing to give his all for his team and teammates, it's this guy. Say what you want about him, but I will be extremely sad if MWP doesn't retire as a Laker. Now, let's just pray for his knee and the playoffs. And if you are questioning the speedy recovery and assuming its deer antler spray, don't worry, it's not. Metta just ate a few deer antlers and all. It's not on the banned substance list.

Also, is this real? I mean I think it's a Photoshop from yesterday and, if so, it's still funny. But if this is a real shot, that makes it 4,000 times more hilarious. I love this picture, real or not.

The Kings have suffered a small setback in their quest to stay in Sacramento when billionaire Ron Burkle pulled out of the ownership group. Apparently Burkle has partial ownership of a firm, Relativity Sports, that manages the careers of professional athletes. League executives expressed some concern with this potential conflict since Joe Johnson and Amar'e Stoudemire, among others, are on his client roster. If you are surprised, you shouldn't be. The league is going to put up every roadblock possible to get the Kings to Seattle. I'm rooting for no one here, but this whole mess leaves the taste of shit in my mouth.

I have some MVP rankings for you from Sheridan Hoops.

Tom Ziller might disagree with some of those rankings though.

Wade may miss the remainder of the regular season. Which isn't even remotely a big deal.

Rick Pitino is having a good week. A really good week. His son is the new coach at Minnesota; he is going to recieve a $2.7 million bonus; and he found out he got into the Basketball Hall of Fame Monday. Pitino will lead a class of seven, including college coaches Guy Lewis of Houston, Jerry Tarkanian of UNLV and Sylvia Hatchell of North Carolina, former NBA stars Bernard King and Gary Payton, and former University of Virginia star Dawn Staley. If Pitino wins the NCAA national championship tonight, this week will have to get ranked up among the greatest any human has ever had. Only way it gets better is if he found out he was having a child, grandchild or both.

And that's it for today. I promise to do better tomorrow. Maybe. Until then, have a good one.

Birthdays for April 8
Player Name (playing years)
Gordon, Paul 1949-1949
Green, Tommy 1978-1978
Havlicek, John 1962-1977
Mikan, Larry 1970-1970
O'brien, Ralph 1951-1952
Porter, Terry 1985-2001
Reiner, Jared 2004-2006
Walker, Jimmy 1967-1975


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