Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Team Kez vs. Team Nobes: Night 1 Recap

There's nothing more annoying in Fantasy Sports than when a scrub plays out of his mind, and that is exactly what Corey Brewer did last night.  Guy drops in 20 points for Jacob's team with a couple of 3's swished.  Why, you ask, was Corey Brewer pumping in the points?  Because my guy, Danilo Gallinari, decided to start the week by pooping in his big boy pants, going 1-for-8 from the field, for five stinking points.  Thanks brah.  Couple that with Jarrett Jack (TEAM KEZ) going 2-for-7 for the Warriors, and you have a shooting percentage as beautiful as a Porta Potty at Bonnaroo.

Never one to worry, Team Kez bounced back with the news that Paul Millsap missed the Jazz game last night with menstrual cramps.  We enjoyed 9 points and 11 boards from Reggie "Two-Day Rental" Evans, and a sexy 15-13-3 from the always steady Greg Monroe.  Jacob unfathomably started his boy P.J. Tucker (0 pts, 4 rebounds), which makes me wonder if Tucker has incriminating photos of young Mr. Noble.  Through one night of play, things shake out like this:

Team Kez leads Team Nobes 5-3 in our eight-category league (31-7 advantage in rebounds).  All other categories not worth mentioning, as it's only been one freaking night.

It looks like both squads have a full slate of guys playing tonight, so things will be getting juicy and saucy.  Check back tomorrow, bozos.

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P.S.  PROGRAMMING NOTE:  The Bozos of Basketball will be broadcasting LIVE tomorrow night at 8:30 PM, instead of their usual 6 PM slot.  Please adjust your schedules, and listen accordingly.


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