Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daily Dribbles 3/5/13: I'll Mitch Kupchak Ya

Howard Smith- USA Today
By Payton Wales

Hello and welcome to the Daily Dribbles. Sorry I missed yesterday, but we will cover that and more today. Not a lot of time, so let's get to to it. First, what we missed over the weekend.

Kobe Bryant dunked on Josh Smith and everyone said -- including Bryant -- that it was Vino and he looked like the Kobe of old. Thing is, he has done that a ton the past two years. Kobe is running game on more than the league; he is running game on ya'll, too. Somewhere in there you really believed him when he claimed he was old and would retire soon. And you still believe it even though the eye test says otherwise. But I bet Smith and the Timberwolves don't think he is so old. Let's see how the Thunder feel about it tonight.

And while I'm on the Thunder, Serge Ibaka decided to do a "Mitch Kupchak" on Blake Griffin Sunday night in the Thunder's 108-104 win against the Clippers, using a ridiculous karate chop to take Griffin down. When asked about the chop, Griffin said ... wait no ... Kobe said (cause that makes sense), "I probably would have smacked [Ibaka] in the mouth." It would have been awesome if Ibaka had retorted with a "that can be arranged" tweet.

Ibaka will not be suspended for trying to prevent Blake Griffin and Brittney Griner from creating a race of super soldiers. It's being considered a national security preemptive strike.

Magic Johnson offered LeBron James a million dollars to be in the NBA's All-Star Weekend dunk contest, so I'm sure he is definitely going to do it now. I mean, a million dollars, right? A lot of money unless you are LeBron James and you basically wipe your ass with a million dollars.

The Heat won again last night, decimating the Timberwolves on the way to their 15th-straight victory, which brings me to my next thought. For all you people who think the Heat could maybe, somehow lose in the playoffs, can you tell me how? If the rest of the league can't beat them just once, how are they going to beat them four times? Yeah, exactly. See you in June.

Though the Timberwolves lost last night, they aren't bitter ... not at all.

OK, maybe a little bitter.

The better question is, how long can they keep the streak alive? SB Nation's Roger Sherman tackles that one for us.

Playoff races are tight in the bottom of each conference, which is probably why every Lakers and Celtics fan was watching the Jazz and Bucks play last night. Lakers fans celebrated when J.J. Redick erupted in overtime to take down the Utah Jazz.

In case you missed any of the exciting games from last night, here are the top 10 plays of the night. Probably all you need to know anyways.

Also fighting for their playoff lives are the Golden State Warriors, who have been sliding slowly out of the playoff race. But you can't blame Andrew Bogut. At least that's what Tom Ziller thinks in today's Article of the Day.

How about some fun facts from yesterday to keep your noodle happy?

Free agent Aaron Brooks is a Houston Rocket, again. I feel like he has been on this team 40 or 50 times now. OK, maybe twice, but it feels like 40-50.

Then there is this piece of brilliance ... or crap, just pick one. Either way, Nick Young now has his Mullet Swag going. My care meter is a zero, but hey Kanye West might.

 And that's it. Ill try to do better tomorrow, but deadlines are deadlines and I need to go meet one. Until tomorrow, have a good one and remember to always protect your "Mitch Kupchak." Always.

Birthdays for March 5
Player Name (playing years)
Brewer, Corey 2007-2010
Chollet, Leroy 1949-1950
Dudley, Charles 1972-1978
Edwards, Corsley 2004-
Grant, Brian 1994-2005
Hooser, Carroll 1967-1967
Jackson, Cedric 2009-2009
Jasikevicius, Sarunas 2005-2006
Kelly, Tom 1948-1948
Kurz, Rob 2008-2008
Norlander, Johnny 1946-1950
Quick, Bob 1968-1971
Skiles, Scott 1986-1995
Szczerbiak, Wally 1999-2008
Williams, Reggie 1987-1996


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