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Daily Dribbles 3/19/13: A Long Weekend

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Hello, and welcome to your Daily Dribbles. I am your pseudo-spirit guide for the day and I will get you through as much news as possible as fast as possible, so let's get to it.

Obviously I missed yesterday and missed some news, but there really wasn't much. The weekend had your usual stuff: Heat won their 22nd straight and, of course, notched 23 yesterday against the short-staffed Celtics.

Mark Cuban booed Derek Fisher in his return to Dallas and the world lost their minds, calling Cuban a sore loser among other things. I firmly lie on the other end of the backlash. Fisher messed with Cuban's team and his money. He played Cuban, and when the Mavericks weren't the contender he thought they would be, he jumped ship for OKC again. Fisher is chasing glory one last time.

Kobe Bryant missed a game due to injury and illness, but the Lakers still rolled the Kings with an outstanding performance by Metta World Peace and Dwight Howard. Bryant then missed a second game last night, and the Lakers got rolled by the Suns. Kinda hard to win back-to-backs when you only play seven guys in both games.

The good news for Lakers fans is Mike D'Antoni thinks Bryant could be back as soon as Friday versus the Washington Wizards. Not exactly a pushover team these days now that John Wall is getting back to form.

Speaking of John Wall, the youngster's rookie deal is almost done, and it looks as though the Wizards are willing to throw the franchise, and the bank, at the point guard, a notion that could be exacerbated with his recent Eastern Conference Player of the Week honors. Not only is this is the first time a Wizards player has won Player of the Year since Antawn Jamison in 2008, but Wall accomplished the feat amidst outstanding play by the Heat. 

There is a time to Unveil the Wizard, and a time not to. Martell Webster is here to let you know when.

I do want to get back to the Heat now and their march for history, winning their 23rd game in a row after being down by 17 to the Celtics. The Heat seem hell bent on making history and, to be honest, I think they need to. I think they have to. It will make sure what they have done echoes throughout history without anyone being able to take potshots at their legacy. No one can bring up how they were assembled or how weak the league may or may not have been when they were playing. Hell, people will not even remember a lot of that stuff. Winning out the season is a big deal to these guys and they are more than capable of winning out the season as well as the playoffs. If you think they aren't motivated, well ...

That should cover it. If you want to see a nice compilation of James posterizing everyone SB Nation has one for you.

Detroit Pistons coach Lawrence Frank returned after a six-game absence from the team due to a family illness. The Pistons were 0-6 without him, so they have to be excited to have him leading the bench.

Since we are talking absences, Andrew Bynum has been absent from this season and that will not change. Bynum will have season-ending knee surgery and the city of Philly will most likely ask for someone's head for making this trade.

Was the trade a bust? Or do you think Bynum can return next year and be a power in the NBA again?

We haven't been over to Sheridan Hoops lately, but they have been running a great five-part excerpt series on The History of the San Antonio Spurs (Whitman Publishing, LLC). Give it a read and enjoy. It's basketball nerd porn at its finest. Enjoy yourself.

Sometimes the student shows up the teacher, and that was the case last night in Phoenix when Goran Dragic put a half court pass between Steve Nash's legs for an assist. The look Nash gives him afterward is priceless. I love this game.

Then there was this JaVale McGee posterization of Joakim Noah. It's not a dunk, but man, does McGee get high in the air. He may do some boneheaded things, but he does some super human ones too. Possibly one of the most entertaining players in the league right now.

And that's it for the day. I hope you enjoyed and I will see you tomorrow with more NBA and more snark cause we were short on it today. Until then, have a good one.

Birthdays for March 18
Player Name (playing years)
Brown, Kedrick 2001-
Collins, Sherron 2010-2010
Foster, Fred 1968-1976
Goodrich, Steve 2000-2001
Jones, Bill 1988-1988
Lewis, Mike 1968-1973
McDonald, Glenn 1974-1976
Miles, CJ 2005-2010
Mullins, Jeff 1964-1975
Powell, Kasib 2007-2007
Samake, Soumaila 2000-2002
Scalabrine, Brian 2001-2010
Weber, Forest 1946-1946
Wilfong, Win 1957-1960
Wilkinson, Dale 1984-1984

Birthdays for March 19
Player Name (playing years)
Bowman, Nate 1966-1971
Bradley, Dudley 1979-1988
Cook, Anthony 1990-1995
Daniels, Antonio 1997-2010
Fogle, Larry 1975-1975
Hill, Tyrone 1990-2003
Jacobsen, Casey 2002-2007
May, Scott 1976-1982
Miller, Andre 1999-2010
Mitchell, Murray 1949-1949
Phelan, Jim 1953-1953
Turkoglu, Hidayet 2000-2010


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