Friday, February 22, 2013

JR Smith At It Again On Twitter

Everybody's favorite Knickerbocker is back at it on twitter.  If you are not familiar, JR Smith tweeted out some chick's bum who was dating Joe Budden's or something or other. He then back tracked on that photo and publicly apologized to Budden. Anywho, flash forward to today and he was DM-ing (direct messaging) some girl on twitter who was going to the Knicks game.

Of course, when JR gets called out by Deadspin on this issue, he then instagrams two images clarifying what he was trying to say:

Well this makes sense now.  He is opening up a pipe shop and wants to know if that lovely lady is interested in checking out his pipe selection.  However, the smoking age is 19 in New York? I think that is the bigger story here.
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