Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Charles Barkley

It's Charles Barkley's 50th birthday today.  We decided to pay the man a little tribute.  First off, check out all the amazing quotes he has had. Next, read what our staff had to say about Sir Charles. (Did he ever earn the "sir"?)

Charles Barkley is kind of dumb but kind of smart. One of those type of guys. He'll say some really obvious things sometimes but clearly knows the game of basketball well. I just wonder who will replace Barkley when he retires in 15 years or so. Who in the NBA today is Barkley-like in the media? Someone that isn't too crazy and knows their stuff. I guess they don't have to be a complete clone of Chuck but someone who doesn't care who's listening. Metta World Peace, DeMarcus Cousins, and JaVale McGee all have a sight "Charles Barkley mindset" so they'd all make great candidates to replace him. – Mitch McClure

I remember being in high school and spending my free period in the library pretending to study. I decided, "Hey, why not take a break from staring at this fantasy team and see if there are any books in this place." As luck would have it, I somehow stumbled across a tiny hardcover called Sir Charles: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles Barkley.

This was the first time that I realized Barkley was more than just a 6'5'' scoring, defending and rebounding machine. I had no idea he had so much wacky, off-color but somewhat insightful commentary out there. After going cover to cover on that thing in approximately two and a half hours that day I really started making sure that I was tuning in to the pre-game, halftime and post-game on TNT Thursdays (and Tuesdays and Wednesdays then).

"The Round Mound of Rebound" was must-watch television when he was a brawling, loud-mouth, Hall of Fame player and he remains such decades later as a studio-analyst. Happy 50th Charles! – James Bucklin

Charles Barkley is part of one of my all-time favorite highlight montages, on one of my all-time favorite highlight montage VHS tapes. The tape is called NBA Superstars, and it pairs such hot players like Jordan, Bird, Dominique, and Magic (to name a few), with the smooth song stylings of Berlin, Kool Moe Dee, John Cougar Mellancamp, and Yanni. Barkley's takes the cake, however: Set to the primal rock of Scandal's "The Warrior", the 3-minute clip is a cornucopia of vicious Barkley slams over hapless defenders, pulverizing dunks over white dudes in short shorts, and epic blocks that most definitely should have been called goaltending. Barkley boofs on everyone's face, while Scandal are simply shootin' at the walls of heartache (BANG BANG). The video is just Barkley in his Philly days, so no weird purple Suns jerseys are seen, but it's all good. It really is a must watch. Bang, bang, Sir Charles. Bang, bang indeed. - Ben Kenna
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