Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chris Bosh Appreciation Day On Reddit

It's Chris Bosh Appreciation Day over at the subreddit of /nba. I am passing this message along because I believe it is a very important one.  It's easy to join the crowd and hate Chris Bosh for whatever reasons you can muster. I personally have always loved Chris Bosh for the amount of entertainment he has brought to NBA fans around the country.  If the above photo doesn't set the tone for the appreciation day of an unsung hero than I don't know what will.  What I do know is Chris Bosh can ball, he can pitch a campaign to go to the all star game and has taken the nation by storm with the "Like A Bosh".  Enjoy your day Chris because tomorrow is Charles Barkley's 50th Birthday Party here.

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http://imgur.com/tODYtzN  Peace

http://imgur.com/6KyRwTX Photobombs Lebron

http://imgur.com/xzfTBx8 Photobombs Wade

CB had his flaws as a Raptor but he played hard for us and showed that he was a top 3 player at his position in the NBA. When he went over to Miami it seems like everyone forgot that and blamed a lot on him. Never mind that he selflessly chose to sacrifice his own numbers (which will impact his legacy as an individual) in favour of the team but he did it while never ever complaining about it to anyone.
LBJ is clearly the most important player for Miami but if it had to come down between Wade and CB for the second most important player, at this point in their career, it would be CB. I get what Wade means to Miami, especially symbolically since he basically won them that first 'chip by his own will. That being said, Wade is now clearly second banana to LBJ and CB offers a different skill set that is useful to Miami, especially his smooth mid range shot and surprisingly good post moves.
You see glimpses of Toronto Bosh when LBJ or Wade or both are out. He can still take over games, he can put up 25 and 12 if needed or he can sink in the background and do the dirty work to ensure wins if that is what the situation demands.
I never held it against Bosh for leaving Toronto, I always appreciated him for what he gave to us and I will always consider him a Raptor. I love his game, I respect the man for his great off the court contributions to his community and I will always root for him (except against Toronto).
Much love CB4.
 via Reddit User: IanicRR lifetime Raptor Fan


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