Friday, January 4, 2013

Noble's Weekly Notes - The Royce White Situation

It has been a long time since I have done a weekly column with the holidays and vacations around. However, that is no excuse on my part and there are a lot of topics I would like to touch on that have been grinding my gears.  This weekly column will be written with emotion as there are some topics that are really annoying me to a point that it is beginning to effect my daily life. Not really, but here goes.

Royce White Situation

I feel really bad for one party in this situation.  The Rockets have done as much as they can to accommodate the young players requests to a point where he doesn’t obtain special privileges that other players would not. If you thought I was going to say that I feel bad for Royce White in this situation you are wrong.

Before I get into the basketball logistics, I wanted to tackle the issue of mental health, which is a big topic in today’s news with the recent tragedies. Mental Health is a subject that so few know anything about and so many have no knowledge on.  I can’t tell Royce what he can and can’t do because I do not know what he is going through. My whole point to this topic is that Royce White shouldn’t be in the NBA at this point, and frankly, he’s not. 

Royce was designated to the D-league recently as he continuously fails to show up to, well, anything that the Rockets ask him to.  When I said Royce shouldn’t be in the NBA, I am not talking about skills or basketball abilities. I am talking about his continuous disrespect to the Rockets organization by publically calling them out when he is the party at fault. 

When you sign a contract or accept a job with any employer, you are required and expected to perform certain obligations.  So far to this point, Royce White has not even shown up for work, once. In the “real world”, and I hate using that term because NBA players do live in a real world, he would have been fired.  If Royce is unable to even show up to practices, which are located in the city he should be living in right now, then he needs to give up his roster spot for the next person in line.  I feel bad for the hundreds, if not thousands, of NBA prospects fighting in the D-league or overseas to make it on an NBA roster. Someone who will not pass up the opportunity to play basketball on the highest level earning a significant salary.  Those are the guys that I think about when I think about this Royce White situation.  Unfortunately, we live in an entitlement society where everyone wants something for nothing.

Dwyane Wade and Dirty Players

I recently went on a rant on NBA Unplugged to discuss the issue of one particular dirty player.  Someone who is in denial and whom many fans hold to a high regard but his actions needed to be put under the microscope.  Fans need to understand that Dwyane Wade is a dirty player. No if’s ands or butts about it. However, all the Wade fans then jumped on me on twitter saying he isn’t the only player. And I agree, but my point was to show everyone else that Wade is also a dirty player who has no regard for the safety of his opponent sometimes. I am not here to sling more mud onto Wade. Instead I will list who my top 10 dirty players are in the league today, in particular order. We can discuss ranking these guys another time.

Kurt Thomas
Joakim Noah
Kevin Garnett
Reggie Evans
Anderson Varejao
Shane Battier
Dwight Howard
Jamaal Magloire
Rajon Rondo
Chris Paul
Eduardo Najera
Dwyane Wade
Raja Bell
Ryan Hollins
Metta World Peace

Under the Radar Teams

I was going to talk about the underperforming teams but as I was writing about the Lakers, Celtics and Nets, I got bored. Aren’t we tired of talking about those same struggling clubs? How about we talk about the teams who are performing very well and no one seems to notice.

Memphis Grizzlies

Here is a team who is quietly a 20-9 team.  Two years ago they captivated the NBA world with the formulation of one of the best rosters and likable characters.  Last year, they fell in the first round to the surging Clippers.  Now we forward to this season and the Grizzlies are starting to gain some attention again.  Memphis will be my sleeper this postseason as they have both Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph healthy together. Hopefully, they have those two guys all postseason long.

Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks had the most interesting offseason as any team, basically “blowing it up” to “start over”.  We are almost 35 games into the season and the Hawks sit in third place in the Eastern Conference with a 20-10 record with a team of contract players.   Danny Ferry has done something many General Managers only dream of.  He has been able to put out a winning product while re-hauling the roster and building for the future.

Golden State Warriors

#DavidLeeforASG.  That is the hashtag that every twitter user must use at least 10 times a day.   David Lee is playing his best basketball of his career and the Warriors have amounted to 22-10 record, even without a healthy Andrew Bogut.  Another team that essentially (so far) improved by subtraction.  Stephen Curry has been playing great as the team’s point guard, as someone pointed out on twitter (and I apologize for not remembering who), “This is why we are rooting for Stephan Curry’s ankles”.

Indiana Pacers

After a slow start, the Indiana Pacers have pulled themselves to a 19-13 record.  Roy Hibbert was struggling and Danny Granger has been sidelined with injuries but many thought the Pacers would be able to overcome an injury with their depth.  Last year, many called the Pacers the second best team in the East, behind the Heat.  Indiana has won 8 out its last 10 games and looks to continue to grow with their young talent.  Frank Vogel can get off that coaches hot seat now.


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