Thursday, November 15, 2012

Interview Series: Alan Anderson

One of the many cool things about doing what we do is getting to speak to amazing people.  We had the chance to talk with Alan Anderson of the Toronto Raptors about his journey to the NBA, his time playing overseas and his relationship with Kevin Garnett. For those of you not familiar with this spectacular man, Alan has an unorthodox career in the world of professional basketball having played in the NBA out of college then journeying overseas and in the D-league before making it back into the league.

Alan took time from recovering from an ankle injury to answer some of our questions.  When speaking about his journey and what kind of wisdom he would give to rookies or young players, he spoke from the heart, telling them to never take this opportunity for granted because you never know   your time will end.  Having had his opportunity taken from him, Alan knows exactly what it takes and just how short your professional career is.

The D-league has turned into a fantastic tool for the basketball world with many players using the league to bounce back to the pros with stories like Jeremy Lin and Gerald Green.  A lot of plays can take their assignment to the D-league being a downgrade or punishment but as Alan tells us that they need to look at it as an opportunity.  It's a chance to showcase your talents, not only to the team with your rights, but to the other 29 teams in the league.

"You never know who is going to be watching you." - Alan Anderson

Listen to the 20 minute interview above.  We thank Alan for his time and hope for a speedy recovery from his ankle injury.


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