Friday, November 9, 2012

How Many Layups Can Landry Fields Botch?

Landry Fields has a lot of reasons to smile.  Well actually, one reason to smile - his paycheck. The Toronto Raptors picked up Fields this off season with a 3-year $20 million dollar contract.  While Knicks fans laughed at this offer, which is kind of ironic coming from a franchise whose history of bad contracts is second to none, the Raptors thought they were getting a steal.  I can't call this contract awful 4 games into the season, however, Landry has not been playing well, including missing lay ups.

Maybe Landry should reach out to Jeremy Lin to sleep on his couch to get a little magic touch.  He clearly is having many mental errors.  Professional players do not cut to the lane for an easy bunny and brain fart themselves into a youtube highlight.

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Just to be fair, this might not be a new trend.  Let's go back to Fields Knicks days to see what other Bozo type plays we can find throughout his career.  This should be fun!

Oh no.. this is worst than I had originally thought.  Apparently, Landry Fields has been missing dunks and lay ups since college.  This can't be a good sign.


Lil Ozzy said...

I can't believe Bryan Colangelo paid this loser so much money.

P.S. I am gay

Jacob Noble said...

We don't judge people by their sexuality here. However, we agree that Bryan Colangelo is a bozo for that contract.

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