Saturday, October 6, 2012

Season Preview: Milwaukee Bucks

Photo Edit by: Payton Wales
Head Coach: Scott Skiles


The Bucks were messier than a 16 year old's bedroom last year. Their team defensive philosophy littered NBA floors in a disheveled mess. The stock in their franchise player, Andrew Bogut, crashed faster than the market in 1929. In an effort to fix it, Bucks management traded the oft-injured Bogut to the Golden State Warriors for scoring phenom Monta Ellis and young center Ekpe Udoh.

The new results, a push toward the playoffs and then a well-executed self-destruction campaign, to end the season in true Bucks fashion. No playoffs. The future filled with questions. And after a moderately active offseason, the Bucks seem to have few of the answers.

Key Departures: PBT favorite Jon Leuer found himself traded along with journeyman Shaun Livingston who were let go even though they seemed to fit well in the Bucks' system and Carlos Delfino was let go this summer as well.

Key Additions: Drafting John Henson felt a bit repetitive for Bucks fans considering the teams depth in the frontcourt, especially after getting Udoh. But then managment went and traded for Samuel Dalembert, which probably felt like a borderline attempt at sarcasm. But just to be sure everyone enjoyed the joke, management went out and got Joel Przybilla, the NBA equivalent of being Rick Rolled. Oh yeah and they added that Ersan Ilyasova guy along with second-round draft pick Doron Lamb.

Yeah, if you're like me you are wondering how the hell any of that is going to help make the push into the 8th seed. Heck, I am wondering how it gives them a better record than the Bobcats at this point. But then I remember ...

The Skinny: The Bucks have some firepower in Ellis and Brandon Jennings. It's enough that they are never out of any shootout they get into. The question is can they get along together? After all, their efficiency was extraordinarily low last year in the 10 games they played together; the combo only went 1-9. Not a good sign if you want a combo to work together, but their time together was minimal and therefore there is always a chance they can work it out. Not to mention the Bucks were third in the league in assists last year.

The Bucks will need a lot of help from their young players which brings me to ...

The X-Factor: Uhmmmm anyone who decides to step up and play at a reasonable level outside of Jennings and Ellis. Let's be honest, this is in no way an elite team and the elite help probably isn't coming. Though maybe, just maybe, someone will make a leap and push the Bucks forward.

The Rooks: 

Deron Lamb -

John Henson -

Paytons Predictions: 3rd in the Central / 10th in the Eastern Conference


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