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Season Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers

Photo edit by Payton Wales

After drafting Kyrie Irving first overall in the 2011 NBA draft, Cleveland finished with a 21-45 record last season. It was a two game improvement from their previous season as they look to go into their third without Lebron James. Now without Antawn Jamison as well, the Cavaliers are going to be looking for players to step up and help Kyrie Irving handle the scoring load.

0Kelenna AzubuikeSF286-5215Kentucky$1,069,509
36Omri CasspiSF246-9225$2,277,306
0Michael EricPF246-11240Temple$473,604
33Alonzo GeeSF256-6219Alabama$3,500,000
1Daniel GibsonSG266-2200Texas$4,792,332
44Luke HarangodyF246-7245Notre Dame$1,054,389
2Kyrie IrvingPG206-3191Duke$5,375,760
0Jon LeuerF236-10228Wisconsin$762,195
0C.J. MilesSF256-6222$2,225,000
0Jeremy PargoPG266-2219Gonzaga$1,000,000
24Samardo SamuelsPF236-9260Louisville$854,389
15Donald SloanPG246-3205Texas A&M$762,195
13Tristan ThompsonF216-9227Texas$3,894,240
17Anderson VarejaoPF296-11260$8,368,182
0Dion WaitersSG206-4215Syracuse$3,726,600
32Luke WaltonSF326-8235Arizona$6,091,363
0Tyler ZellerC227-0250North Carolina$1,563,120
Coach: Byron Scott

Kyrie Irving
With a full season under his belt, Irving is expected to make a significant jump in his second season running this squad. As a rookie, Kyrie's work ethic was praised by Cavalier coaches and teammates on numerous occasions. Kyrie may be looking at an All-Star appearance this year if he can keep this team above water until February when the game comes around.
'11-'12 515130.56.9-14.6.4691.4-3.6.3993.4-3.8.8720.

Tristan Thompson
Thompson was raw offensively last season. He did show potential of being a future double digit glass eater while providing some much improved defence from college.
'11-'12 602523.73.2-7.4.4390.0-0.0.0001.8-3.2.5523.

Anderson Varejao
The most missed Cavalier due to injury last season was Anderson. When he was healthy and starting, they were in playoff contention until he broke his wrist and missed the rest of the season. Anderson's hustle, speed, and physicality makes him an annoyance on both ends of the floor for opposing teams.
'04-'05 54016.01.8-3.6.5130.0-0.0.0001.3-2.4.5352.
'05-'06 48415.81.6-3.1.5270.0-0.0.0001.3-2.5.5131.
'06-'07 81623.92.4-5.0.4760.0-0.1.0002.0-3.3.6162.
'07-'08 481327.52.8-6.1.4610.0-0.0.0001.0-1.7.5982.
'08-'09 814228.53.3-6.2.5360.0-0.0.0001.9-3.1.6162.
'09-'10 76728.53.5-6.1.5720.0-0.1.2001.5-2.3.6632.
'10-'11 313132.13.7-7.0.5280.0-0.1.0001.7-2.6.6673.
'11-'12 252531.44.6-8.9.5140.0-0.2.0001.7-2.6.6724.

Dion Waiters
Dion was selected forth overall in this years draft so standards are going to be high. He played well within Syracuse's offence last season and can create with the ball in his hands. The Cavs need guys who can create so Waiters has the potential to fit in well.

Tyler Zeller
Zeller comes into the NBA with highly developed post moves after four years of college. He's a key player for Cleveland's future as they gave up three draft picks to acquire the former Tar Heel. Defense improved throughout college and looks NBA ready.
'08-'09 7.81.1-2.4.4720.0-0.0.0000.9-1.1.7652.
'09-'10 17.43.7-7.1.5210.0-0.1.0001.9-2.7.7224.
'10-'11 28.15.7-10.4.5470.0-0.0.0004.4-5.7.7637.
'11-'12 28.25.8-10.5.5530.0-0.0.0004.8-5.9.8089.

Rolling the dice, twice...
Cleveland passing on Jonas Valanciunas for Tristan Thompson raised eyebrows in last years draft. In this years draft, power forward Thomas Robinson was available when the Cavs were ready to draft but they were seemingly forced to select between Dion Waiters and Harrison Barnes. Both Valanciunas and Thomas Robinson were projected top four picks as Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters were projected as late top tens.

Say so long to...
Anthony Parker who retired in late June and was hired by the Orlando Magic as a scout. Besides being a solid NBA role player in his later years, Parker made his name well known dominating the Euroleague and claiming back to back Euroleague MVPs.

   Cleveland Cavaliers 2013 Schedule
Oct. 30Washington7:00
Nov. 2Chicago7:30
Nov. 3at Milwaukee8:30
Nov. 5at Los Angeles10:30
Nov. 7at Golden State10:30
Nov. 9at Phoenix9:00
Nov. 11at Oklahoma City7:00
Nov. 13at Brooklyn7:30
Nov. 17Dallas7:30
Nov. 18at Philadelphia6:00
Nov. 21Philadelphia7:00
Nov. 23at Orlando7:00
Nov. 24at Miami7:30
Nov. 26at Memphis8:00
Nov. 27Phoenix7:00
Nov. 30at Atlanta7:30
Dec. 1Portland7:30
Dec. 3at Detroit7:30
Dec. 5Chicago8:00
Dec. 7at Minnesota8:00
Dec. 8Detroit7:30
Dec. 11Los Angeles7:00
Dec. 12at Indiana7:00
Dec. 14Milwaukee7:30
Dec. 15at New York7:30
Dec. 18Toronto7:00
Dec. 19at Boston7:30
Dec. 21Indiana7:30
Dec. 22at Milwaukee8:30
Dec. 26at Washington7:00
Dec. 28Atlanta7:30
Dec. 29at Brooklyn7:30
Jan. 2Sacramento7:00
Jan. 4at Charlotte7:00
Jan. 5Houston7:30
Jan. 7at Chicago8:00
Jan. 9Atlanta7:00
Jan. 11at Denver9:00
Jan. 13at Los Angeles9:30
Jan. 14at Sacramento10:00
Jan. 16at Portland10:00
Jan. 19at Utah9:00
Jan. 22Boston7:00
Jan. 25Milwaukee7:30
Jan. 26at Toronto7:00
Jan. 29Golden State7:00
Feb. 1at Detroit7:30
Feb. 2Oklahoma City7:30
Feb. 6Charlotte7:00
Feb. 8Orlando7:30
Feb. 9Denver7:30
Feb. 11Minnesota7:00
Feb. 13San Antonio7:00
Feb. 20New Orleans7:00
Feb. 23at Orlando7:00
Feb. 24at Miami6:00
Feb. 26at Chicago8:00
Feb. 27Toronto7:00
Mar. 1Los Angeles7:30
Mar. 4New York7:00
Mar. 6Utah7:00
Mar. 8Memphis7:30
Mar. 10at Toronto6:00
Mar. 12Washington7:00
Mar. 15at Dallas8:30
Mar. 16at San Antonio8:30
Mar. 18Indiana7:00
Mar. 20Miami7:00
Mar. 22at Houston8:00
Mar. 27Boston7:00
Mar. 29Philadelphia7:30
Mar. 31at New Orleans6:00
Apr. 1at Atlanta7:30
Apr. 3Brooklyn7:00
Apr. 5at Boston7:30
Apr. 7Orlando6:00
Apr. 9at Indiana7:00
Apr. 10Detroit7:00
Apr. 12New York7:30
Apr. 14at Philadelphia3:30
Apr. 15Miami7:00
Apr. 17at Charlotte8:00

*** All Times Eastern. ***

Expect this team to...
Have growing pains. Just like most young players, Kyrie might have to lose before he wins. Irving wasn't inserted into the NBA at the smoothest time as it's very point guard heavy. With Tristan Thompson still raw and projecting that the youth in Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters will control the majority of the possessions, this squads bound to have a tough season. A 30 win season would exceed expectations that most have for the Cavaliers going into 2012-13.

(Photo Cred: AP Photo/Tony Dejak)


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