Thursday, October 4, 2012

EP68: NBA Unplugged - Northwest Division Preview

Jacob Noble and James Bucklin return for another episode of NBA Unplugged.  They continue to bring you special shows as they continue on with the season previews.  Today they will break down the Northwest Division, or better known as Where are the Sonic's division.

This will be a two hour extravaganza! We have many great guests including J.A. Sherman -  Oklahoma City Thunder (Loud City_SB Nation), Steve McPherson - Minnesota Timberwolves (A Wolf Among Wolves (ESPN_Truehoop)) , Kalen Deremo - Nuggets (Round Ball Mining (ESPN_Truehoop)), AllthatAmar - Jazz (SLC Dunk)

We start at 6:00pm! The line up incase you only care about one team:

J.A. Sherman - Thunder - 6:05 PM EST
Steve McPherson - Wolves - 6:30 PM EST
Kalen Deremo - Nuggets - 7:00 PM EST
AllthatAmar- Jazz - 7:30 PM EST

Incase you hate the player above, listen to the right or go to


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