Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Storytime with Jalen Rose via Grantland

This video is making it's rounds courtesy of Grantland, where our good friend Zach Lowe will be working for.  Anyways, this is an interesting story because it wasn't reported in the media during the last few weeks of Vince Carter's career.  As the head coach, you can tell the frustration he had with his all star player who was milking injuries and playing with zero effort. The fans saw it, the media saw it and most importantly, Vince knew it.

My only question is, why didn't Sam Mitchell fine or suspend Vince because clearly Vince was healthy enough to body slam his head coach, he was healthy enough to put up 20 points per game.

Thanks to Jalen Rose for the awesome story and Grantland for making stories into funny cartoons. We need more of this stat.


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