Friday, September 28, 2012

Garnett no longer in contact with Ray Allen

When Ray Allen left the Celtics, there was some mixed feelings on how well Ray Allen got along with Kevin Garnett. When Ray, KG, and Pierce were brought together in 2007, the relationship between the three seemed like it was almost a perfect balance of professionalism, passion, dedication and talent.

Today is the first day of media day and four teams are taking part of it with one being the Celtics. Kevin Garnett is always a great guy to get a sound bite out of, so why not shove a microphone in his face, mention Ray Allen and see what he says. Quote from the Boston Globe:

Kevin Garnett said he has not talked to Ray Allen since signing with Heat and has no plans to.
 "I don't have Ray's number anymore."
So unless Ray changed his number to find a cheaper phone plan (which I doubt NBA players do very often), that almost sounds like KG hinted that he deleted Allen's number from his contact list.  This comes as a surprise to a few people while others saw the difference of personalities between Allen and KG. An example being in game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals when Garnett walked to the locker-room immediately after the buzzer sounded while Ray stayed to congratulate Lebron and the Heat before heading off the court. 

Ray may have found a new home but he may need to find new friends aswell.

(Photo Credit: Associated Press)


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