Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kidd: "There’s no question Rondo's the best point guard"

Jason Terry joining the Celtics was an acquisition that really went under the radar this off-season. "The Jet" has always been recognized as one of the finest undersized shooting guards in the league while having incredible confidence in his game. Jason played a huge part in the Mavericks success that led to the 2011 NBA championship and did it coming off the bench. Signing a deal for $15 million over 3 seasons, Terry's choice wasn't too surprising to most, since the Celtics have been a veteran built team for the last half-decade and with Ray Allen's departure, Terry was one of the best fitting replacements.

The Celtics made a great addition by picking up Terry and convincing him that this team isn't too old to win a championship. Terry on the other hand, praised the Celtics as a team while raving the most about Rajon Rondo.  Terry recently spoke with Forth Worth Star Telegram:
“We’ve got the best point guard in the NBA to me in Rajon Rondo,’’ Terry said. “Why? Because he plays both ends of the floor and he facilitates.
“He gets everybody involved, but he can still go out and get his.’’

Rajon Rondo is often under appreciated while not being in the conversation as best point guard even with his fantastic play-making skills and defense. His limited range is usually why fans are often giving either Chris Paul, Deron Williams, or Derrick Rose the nod to who's the best point guard. When debating this subject, who better to make the decision than Jason Kidd. J-Kidd, 39, has played against some of the most astonishing point guards in NBA history while being one himself, ranking number two in all-time steals and assists while only trailing Reggie Miller and Ray Allen for most three pointers made in NBA history (regular season).

“Jason Kidd gave him the greatest compliment I’ve ever heard from a Hall of Famer that’s still playing,’’ Terry said. “He said, ‘There’s no question Rajon Rondo is the best point guard.
“ ‘Chris Paul is great. Deron Williams is great, but Rajon Rondo is the best point guard in the NBA.’ "

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Jason Kidd and Jason Terry may have only played against Rondo two times a year in the last six seasons, but they know that it take's a ton of leadership to get deep into the playoffs like Rondo does year after year. Deron, Chris Paul, and Rose may be fantastic scorers yet Rondo shows that with talent around him, he will find anybody that's open and play his heart out on defense and that's what a first-rate, textbook point guard does.


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