Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ten Reasons Why the Nuggets Shouldn't Have Overpayed JaVale McGee

JaVale McGee is one of the most athletic players in the NBA and arguably could be the most athletic big man in the league. McGee has shown a ton of bright spots in his career but it’s the other things he does that stands out. They stand out for a reason.

If the Nuggets front office didn’t already have a bunch of reasons they shouldn’t have given JaVale such lucritive cash, they were clearly blind to see that McGee had given them reasons himself through his personality, on court actions, and everything that seems to happen to him. JM was resigned by the Denver Nuggets for 44 million dollars over four years. McGee is a player that will flip the basketball perspective of every fan upside down if he won a championship, and I go over the ten reasons he had given the Nuggets to not overpay him and somehow Denver’s front office completely saw right through them.

Not really a good reason but you have to acknowledge the all around aspect to signing a player. If he's letting Dr.J score on his mom at over 60 years old, that's just bad defense.

8.  He has a fingerstache. 

JaVale already having arguably the funniest looking mustache in the league just makes his fingerstache look way better than the stache on his face.

7. He’s gotten worse at shooting free throws every year.

08-09: 66% FTs
09-10: 58% FTs
10-11: 53% FTs
11-12: under 50% FTs
Started his career off pretty good from the line and just fell off completely. That doesn’t show the best work ethic. But he has gotten better from the field so give him that.

This will probably get him in trouble one day if it hasn’t already.

5.  He may have the largest wingspan in the NBA yet fans, players, GMs, and scouts would argue that his brain may be the smallest.

4. He’d probably choose a triple double over a championship.

3. He attempts dunk contest dunks in the game.
He also does knuckle head things in the game like alley-ooping the ball off the backboard on a breakaway in attempt to showboat even when the team is down, and goaltending the ball into the eleventh row, giving the team a delay of game warning.

He probably also drives the wrong way on the road, buys the wrong gas for his car, and steers the wrong way on a turn. If he even did just one of these things (chances are pretty high he does at least one), JaVale will be a bad investment for the Nuggets. 

Shaq started the year off saying that he thought JaVale McGee was going to be a breakout center. Obviously that didn’t happen but Shaq had a fun time making fun of JaVale in his “Shaqtin a Fool” segment almost every week.

I guess the Nuggets overlooked these things for the fact that JaVale holds the world record for most balls dunked on one jump in the 2011 dunk contest (three). It's an impressive stat that undoubtedly outshines all ten of these dumb things JaVale has done.

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