Friday, July 6, 2012

Grading the Deal: Raptors acquire Kyle Lowry

The past 48 hours have been a mad dash of information.  The funny part of all this being that it won’t become official until July 11th, leaving open the possibility of some Carlos Boozer-esque situations.  Now I don’t have any insight on that but I like Kevin Garnett said, “anything is possible.”

Toronto made moves to acquire a rising point guard in Kyle Lowry for a 1st round (protected) draft pick and Gary Forbes.  I’ll leave all the small forward jokes to twitter as Houston is loaded but let’s see what the group has to say on this deal.


Grade: A+

The beauty of Kyle Lowry’s game is that he does whatever is needed.  He won’t wow you when you look at season stats because he is a little bit above average, but when you watch him night in and out, you see the leader that he is going to be.  He leads by example in every aspect and therefore makes his teammates better.  Toronto got him for cheap and now have Jose Calderon expandable, although they did waive Bayless.  Toronto got the better of this deal and a player who can lead this young talented squad north of the border. – Jacob Noble

Grade: D
Toronto had just made amess of that franchise at this point. With the addition of Kyle Lowry, it appears they are still not going in a direction. In the process they lose a young talent and an unprotected first round pick that promises to be in the lottery. I like Lowry, but he's not worth a future lottery pick for a franchise going no where fast. – Ray Harris

Grade: A

Toronto did a great thing in acquiring Lowry. The interesting thing here is the pick for both sides. The protections of the pick guarantee that unless Toronto is a playoff team, they could be giving up a quality player. Or, not. It's always hard to say well in advance. Toronto got a sure thing as opposed to not. – Nate Hughart

Grade: A

Explanation: This will push Toronto in the right direction and it makes me ask what the hell Houston was thinking letting Lowry go. This is the most experimental deal so far. Don't see it blowing up for Toronto at all though. Lowry is an excellent up-and-coming player with a big upside. – Payton Wales

Grade: A

Toronto shipped a 6 point forward to a forward heavy team in Houston for a 14 point starting PG who is on the brink of a breakout year? I am a huge fan of Jose Calderon, so part of me wanted to grade the deal a B. Kyle Lowry is flat out better right now and younger so an A is well deserved. Toronto will lineup Lowry next to Terrence Ross, Demar DeRozan and Andrea Bargnani, THATS offense for you. They gave up a first round pick, which could hurt if Bargnani goes down again, but I believe the rewards that particular lineup can provide far outweigh the risk factor. – Jerome Watson


Grade: C

With most of the world, I am at a loss about this deal.  I feel as though Houston could have done better with dealing Lowry but maybe the market wasn’t there.  If that was the case, why trade him at all?  Keep him on for one more year, or at least trade him before the deadline.  Either way this puts Houston looking for a point guard and being big sellers of talent for draft picks or young players.  They are clearing space and loading a young team, we will see what they make of it. – Jacob Noble

Grade: B

Explanation) Houston will get an A if they land Jeremy Lin. Houston clearly felt they had to upgrade at the point guard position this off season. Lowry doesn't fit into their style of play but because of his athleticism and decision-making, he was a pretty decent asset for them. If they sign Lin, they will have upgraded at PG, an gotten a future lottery pick in the process. That would make it an A for me. – Ray Harris

Grade: B

Houston, we have a potential problem. Is the potential draft pick better than Lowry? Is Lowry better than the potential draft pick? Are there not better trades out there? Or, is it simply a matter of not having an interest in other "NBA" players if you are Houston? Houston has been very active this Free Agency, and this just has been another part of that. I don't know how this trade works for Houston, but I don't love it. A potential top 10 pick though? I can see why the Rockets do that. The NBA is still an asset league.  – Nate Hughart

Grade: WTF F

Explanation: Not sure what they are doing. Going after Jeremy Lin will not bring back Yao Ming. But who knows, Houston GM Daryl Morey has always surprised me. Maybe he just knows something the rest of us don't. – Payton Wales

Grade: B

Houston has about 7-8 forwards as of today. Although it is becoming more of a forward game, Houston may have taken it a bit too far. Lowry was a cancer for the organization and for Coach McHale, so sending him off made total sense but they didnt necessarily get equal value, in my opinion. The first round pick plus the aformentioned forwards gives the Rockets the best leverage in any trade speculation, so that is beneficial. Only reason they dont get an A for this move is combination of losing a potential all star and a current logjam at the 3-4 spots – Jerome Watson


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