Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grading the Deal: Philly signs Nick Young, 1yr - $6 million

Philadelphia made noise a few days ago with an array of moves. It first started with the signing of Nick Young for one year worth $6 million dollars.  Followed by the team using the Amnesty Clause on Elton Brand, to rid them of his cap holds and lastly, they decided not to re-sign Lou Williams.  The panel will look at the moves that Philadelphia has made.

Grade: B

I loved Lou Williams for this 76ers team. Having said that, I also am a fan of this Nick Young signing for a couple of reasons. The first is I love the contract. A one year, $6 million dollar deal should have the young talented shooting guard hungry to land a big contract. I also like that Nick Young can score in bunches, something the 76ers needed last year. I was a little confused by the Elton Brand amnesty because the 76ers will still be paying him a good amount to not play for them, when they need low post scoring, as he was the only option. As for the Nick Young signing, I am a fan of it. – Jacob Noble

Grade: A+

The Sixers just created cap space, and upgraded their half court 1 on 1 player for a cheap cost. This team couldn't score for quarters with Lou Williams as their primary half court play maker, and even though Williams is a hell of a player, he is not as good as Nick Young. Not quite as big, not quite the shooter, drastically lacks the post game, and let's face it, Williams is 6 inches smaller than Young. No brainer. The expectation for Philly, is not going to be that they make a major move in free agency within the next two seasons. They have put themselves in a great position to do just that. – Ray Harris
Grade: D

Nick Young signing with the Sixers is okay I guess....except he's not better than Louis Williams and I think the Sixers are taking a major risk with waiving Elton Brand to make a deal happen, especially when Brand's contract ends in the summer of 2013 to begin with. This is a confusing move that will have to convince me on the court when the smoke clears and the season begins as it always does. I guess I understand it from the Sixers perspective, but transition is never simple. – Nate Hughart

Grade: C+

Explanation: If anybody can get Young's trigger finger under control, it's Doug Collins. The price might come at a couple more million than I would like to see, but Philly might have something up their sleeve I don't know about. It's another experimental pick. Young cane be an explosive scorer and a tough ride for tougher defenses such as the most recent NBA champions. – Payton Wales


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