Monday, July 2, 2012

Grading the Deal: Nets acquire Joe Johnson

Does it feel like July 2nd to you with all these deals happening within the first couple of days?  We aren’t talking free agent signings but teams with new General Managers making moves to position themselves for the future.  This trade highlights two organizations positioning themselves for the future in different ways.  First, let’s take a look at the deal.

Nets Acquire: Joe Johnson (4yrs, $90 million)

Hawks Acquire: Anthony Morrow (1yr, $4 million), Jordan Farmer (1yr Player Option, $4.25 million, being bought out for $1.5 million), DeShawn Stevenson, Jordan Williams (1yr, $762K), Johan Petro (1 yr, $3.5 million) and Houston’s 2013 First Round Pick (lottery protected).

With all the details laid on the table we can dive into the grades of this trade.  First, let’s look at the team who got the better of this deal, the Atlanta Hawks.

Atlanta Hawks

Why: The obvious reason why they conducted this trade was to clear cap space and rid themselves of a bad contract.  Reasons why they never used the Amnesty is because the rule states you are still on the hook for that salary (meaning, the new Hawks owner would still owe Joe Johnson at least $90 million to not play basketball for the Hawks).  With the trade, the Hawks position themselves with a lot of one year deals, which should result in a few buy outs before it is finalized.  Cap space is the future for the Hawks, now their decision comes on whether to build around Josh Smith, Al Horford or both.

Grade: A+, hard not to give them a good grade in this deal, they didn’t get much in return but the salary burden and meritocracy for years to come was reasons enough.

New Jersey Brooklyn Nets

Why: The first reaction is that the Dwight Howard deal may be dead with Magic’s General Manager Rob Hennigan is not going to get hosed in his first transaction at the helm in Orlando.  The Nets did this because it made sense to get a player who can put people in the seats and potentially put W’s on the scoreboard with the right people around him.  If Deron leaves, they at least have Joe Johnson.  If Deron signs, they have Deron and Joe Johnson, only intensifying the big man in Orlando’s desires to play for Brooklyn, which will now be harder to accomplish without pieces to trade.  It is almost a win win situation for that Nets and they didn’t give up much for the six time NBA All Star.

Grade: -A, as pointed above, this was a move to get better and potentially help resign Deron Williams (although everyone is tweeting it has no effect on Deron, I don’t buy it) and help lure the center in Orlando who can sign there after next season.

Danny Ferry is making a name for himself in this second go around, especially for those who forget he was the man behind the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2006-2010, a very nice track record to say the least.  Ferry has made quite a few trades in his 5 seasons (including this year) as a General Manager.  A man with a vision who has people in Atlanta buzzing.

Atlanta is going to have a major overhaul this year as I write this, another trade occurs for the Hawks. A man in Atlanta is finally getting things done for those Hawks, who have peaked with their core.  I am voting Danny Ferry for President or at least earning the early favorite for Executive of the Year.  #DannyFerry2012


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Yep..Howard and Paul to the ATL now

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