Tuesday, July 31, 2012

EP61: NBA Unplugged with Jarrod Rudolph

We took a couple of weeks off with the offseason but this podcast was special.  I say this every time, but this one truly was because Jarrod Rudolph joins us from RealGM to discuss the Dwight Howard saga.  What is important to know is that Jarrod is close to Dwight and gave us a full hour detailing the time line that has us all wondering where he will end up.  Jarrod spoke to Brian and Jacob in depth on the issues Dwight has and the situations over the past 4 years that have led to this messy divorce.  This is a must listen for all NBA Fans as we look at the ugly side of business from both the ownership stand point but more important from a player's stand point.  Listen live below or enjoy the YouTube after the jump.


Rashidi said...

44:30 - There are no more sign and trades as of 2013, as per the CBA. The trade deadline is the absolute deadline.

Anonymous said...

Actually there are sign and trades but not for teams above the luxary tax apron which LAL/BKN will be.

Nate Hughart said...

The fact that Brooklyn has a timetable to get Dwight, and the fact that the Magic know it, can make Dwight very uncomfortable.

The Magic are almost at the point where no trade will help them, and that letting Dwight walk for nothing will be better than getting a poo-poo platter of something from Houston.

It's pretty much a fallacy that you can protect an asset when a player makes it clear what his priorities really are.

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