Monday, June 25, 2012

A random look at the NBA free agency

I have finally finished partying it up in South Beach with the new champions, the Miami Heat.  It was a whole lot of fun and I have grown to like Chris Bosh the best.  The champs actually might be good on their word with the counting championships and a way they can get better is by looking at this list and picking some good veterans to fill out their roster. 

This article is going to take a look at the free agents available for the teams around the league and make predictions and indicate which teams should chase the available player.  Throw in some don’t touch lists and we have a debatable piece.  Let’s face it, we need discussion during the offseason, for some, it’s the best part.

Kirk Hinrich

I don’t think Atlanta lets him walk far.  He is a solid back up point guard for a good team.  He plays defense well and is extremely professional.  Perfect for the world champs but I think he ends up staying in Atlanta, unless a team really believes he can start.  At this point, it might be about playing time for Kirk.
Atl, Mia, Nyk, Lal

Ray Allen

The rumors are already flowing.  He doesn’t get along with Rondo, wants to win, and get paid.  Those are three things that aren’t possible in Boston which is why I believe he is gone.  Now the fun begins for Ray as he will get to pick and choose.  Clearly he will go to a championship contender who can throw an entire MLE at him or more.  Predicting this compares to picking where Lebron was going to play after Cleveland, but I think he goes to South Beach.
Mia, Lal, Nyk, Okc

Kris Humphries

This is an interesting case to me because if you actually checked out the statistics Kris Humphries puts up you would have him ranked in the top tier for power forwards available.  However, no teams are ever high on him.  I think he chases the money in this situation because his value has never been so high.  Who would be willing to spend a little on Kris Humphries?
Bkn, Cle, Dal,

DJ Augustine

I have feeling he still haven’t seen the best of Dj yet.  He is a very talented guard who will most likely leave Charlotte unless they show him the money.  It’s unfortunate that Charlotte has become the black hole of talent.
Cha, Por, Dal

Nick “Swaggy P” Young

Talented young guard has found a nice role with the Clippers in the second half of the season and into the playoffs.  Still a little immature and hasn’t figured out how to put it all together will need a good situation to exploit his talents.  Which teams will pursue the guard in hopes they can unleash the Swaggy P?
Lac, Dal, Cle

Eddy Curry


Anthony Tolliver

Just ask @Hoopscritic about Anthony Tolliver, he’ll make you spend your entire savings account on him.

Carl Landry

A big pick up for a team looking for, a hate to say this phrase again, true professional.  Carl Landry has overcome odds and was a hero down in Houston until they flipped him for Kevin Martin.  Carl will need to chase the money and I like the Hornets keeping him around.
Nok, Cle, Por

Landry Fields

It’s a shame that he is more famous for being BFF’s with Jeremy Lin than for what he has accomplished in his young career.  Landry has yet to blossom in my opinion and I have a feeling there might be a couple of teams out there who agree. 
Nyk, Cle, Bkn

Jameer Nelson

You have to feel bad for Jameer with the past couple of years with the Dwight Howard saga.  How he didn’t demand a trade is beyond me and speaks volumes of his character.  He will definitely end up somewhere if it’s not with Orlando, just not as much as a one time NBA All Star should make.  Jalen Rose never made an all star game.
Orl, Por, Dal

Steve Nash

Steve is going to force a few teams to use their amnesty clause in an effort to woe.  There are reports that the Suns are open to a sign & trade (which they should be because he can walk…).  Now it is up to the players and teams to do their best recruiting effort.  Another one I can’t pick where he ends up.
Phx, Mia, Okc, Lal, Nyk

Jamal Crawford

Finding a role on an injury plagued team is what happened for Jamal last season.  Over the 30 year old hump will have the veteran searching for a role with a winning team (plus his lack of playoff game).  I think after Ray Allen is off the market, Jamal will find a suitor.
Mia, Por, Okc, Chi

Raymond Felton

Another player in the Jameer Nelson boat in terms of lost value.  Raymond has continued to clash with organizations and has not been able to find a home.  Good thing for Raymond, it took Chauncey Billups a long time to find it, so it is still possible even late.  I would prefer Felton over Nelson myself.
Mia, Nyk, Phx

Tim Duncan / Kevin Garnett

Not leaving their respected ball clubs. Sorry.

That is all I have for the players on the list of unrestricted free agents.  I didn’t bother with the restricted because way more variables.  Now let me have it on why I am the least intelligent writer on the internet. 


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