Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tweet of the Night

This tweet was sent to us from Josh Hobson because I think Wally deleted this tweet for all the crap he got for it.  I went back and checked my timeline of my retweets and couldn't find it!  Smart PR move on his part because let's face it, who is Wally Szczerbiak to say anything to a man of Kevin Garnett's caliber whether the statement was true or not.  Just a battle he doesn't want or is ready to handle at this time.

It has been a while since we did the tweet of the night, but this is deserving and I am sure everyone else saw it.  If it wasn't for this tweet, we would be looking at Jeff Green's humorous side about his heart surgery which I posted over at Celticslife today.

Anywho, Kevin Garnett was the only Celtic it appeared that didn't show up last night and they lost.  This shows just how hard it will be for the Celtics to have a chance in this series.  The way things have played out so far, it looks like this series will be over before it even began.


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