Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thunder Silenced the Lakers ... and this reporter

 (AP Photo-Sue Ogrocki - Edited by: Payton Wales)
By Payton Wales

You know that new Gatorade commercial that talks about the first step you take can lead to your failure and success? It shows all the junk food and then the Gatorade chews?

Well, the Lakers ate the junk food before Monday night's game. And I mean ALL the junk food. They had to have because the Laker team that stepped onto the court in Oklahoma City might as well have been a fifth grade rec league team. The game was basically over 10 minutes into the first quarter and both teams sent in their bench by the middle of the fourth quarter as the Thunder throttled the Lakers, 119-90.

Before the game, there was more than enough talk about how physical the series was going to be. Talk centered around James Harden and Metta World Peace and how they were at odds, but none of that seemed to matter to the Thunder, who made it anything but a physical game. Instead, they used their speed, finesse and crisp passing to make quick work of the Lakers.

Russell Westbrook had 27 points and nine assists and Kevin Durant added 25 points to lead the Thunder to their Game 1 victory. Sure the Lakers had a quick turnover from a long series with Denver, but it seemed more like they weren't even trying to put the effort forth to win. If a member of the Lakers broke a sweat and needs their jersey washed by next game, I would be surprised.

Can the Lakers improve? Sure. Should we count on it? No. All will be found out Wednesday night, but for now, there isn't much to read here because there wasn't much of a game to be watched.


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