Wednesday, May 2, 2012

San Antonio v. Utah Game Two: Jazz 2nd Half Points

Well, the Spurs just went on a 22-2 run to end a first half where they only allowed the Jazz to score 28 points on 11 field goals (47 attempts). The Spurs, of course, scored a very respectable 53. So I think what I'll do for the rest of the game is record each Jazz field goal in the second half, so we can all relive these rare moments once the game is over.

Third Quarter

11:21 - WOAH! Devin Harris draws first blood on a pull-up jumper from the free-throw line and a foul! Free throw made. 

10:38 - Al Jefferson makes it field goals on back-to-back possessions. Maybe this is a new Happy Gilmore...

9:08 - Big Al again. Baby hook in the paint. Jefferson may be the most underrated offensive big man in the game.
Blogger's note: Kawhi Leonard has 17 points right now after hitting his third three-pointer. The rookie is having a more than notable night. I should also note the large number of wild shots the Jazz are missing in between these scores.

7:27 - Gordon Hayward with the fake, dribble and jump-shot. Looking smooth Gordon. You seem to be recovered from Delonte's wet-willy.

5:22 - Devin Harris drains a pull-up. Notice the time between these posts.

4:00 - Al Jefferson with a jab step and a 17-footer. The dude has some range for his height. He also has a 34 point deficit to recover from right now (76-42).

2:08 - Al Jefferson scored again. I didn't see how. I was drawing a guy taking a dump in Draw Something. The word was "POOP."

1:16 - Derrick Favors 12-footer. Haven't heard his name much this series. Thought he might be a factor. 

33.4 - Gordon Hayward with an offensive board and a lay-up. Here come the Jazz... just kidding. Down 85-53.

Fourth Quarter

10:20: Nope. Still nothing.

10:10: TNT cut away from this game and over to Indy v. Orlando.

 9:15: We're back. Jamaal Tinsley with a bucket!

7:33: Alec Burks (who?) with the drive, lay-up and the and-one. Congrats. You're within 35.

7:04: DeMarre Carroll with a lay-up after someone I couldn't identify passed through a defender's legs to him. It was pretty cool, but I don't think anyone noticed, and they definitely didn't care.

6:17: Enes Kanter with a post score. Jazz not too bad in garbage time.

5:35: And Kanter with an irrelevant put-back dunk!

I told Twitter I would post any Jazz related tweets. @cnoreika: "Jazz got to get the ball to Al Jefferson 50X a game down low and they will win every game. Fact."

3:10: Blake Ahearn with a very deep two-pointer. I have heard the name before but never seen his face until now. Looks like a much shorter Ryan Anderson.

2:28: After Ahearn got blocked by the rim on a lay-up, Kanter recovered and made one.

1:01: Burks misses a lay-up and Carroll recovers. 

29.9: Ahearn with a three! Can't blame this one on him...

23.8: A steal and dunk by Burks which will be the last score in this 114-83 game. If you didn't see the game, in addition to these field goals you missed a lot of Jazz turnovers, misses and bad decisions. The Spurs played great and I hope the existence and brevity of this post reinforced that point.


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