Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Pro Basketball Talk Lottery Mock Draft 2.0

As you all know by now, the lottery was held yesterday. Rather than boring you with the order (that you probably already know), I'm going to give my mock.

No, I'm not Chad Ford. No, I'm not Jonathan Givony. You can read their mocks at their respective sites. I'm also not Hoopsworld, or NBA Draft dot net. Feel free to read my pre-lottery mock if you wish to laugh maniacialy and for long stretches.

With the 1st pick, the New Orleans select....

Is there any other discussion necessary? If you've not read the feelings of conspiracy relayed by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, you probably should.

With the 2nd pick, the Charlotte Bobcats select..... 


Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Thomas Robinson? Both are needed players for the Bobcats in a real sense. However, given that MKG has more youth and potential to grow as Robinson is typically seen as a fairly polished package (what you see is what you get) and ready to go now, the Bobcats might opt for youth.

Given how many needs Charlotte has, it probably makes more sense to draft Kidd-Gilchrist and worry about roster fit later.

As Rufus on Fire notes, Charlotte's strategy has been to take proven successful collegiate players. Does Kidd-Gilchrist qualify? Does Thomas Robinson taking a few years to really develop and blossom make him a late bloomer but just as productive?

 If I had to guess, I'll bet Michael Kidd-Gilchrist goes here. MKG was A) productive in his long collegiate season (and Robinson was productive in his one season as a major minute player), and MKG is several years younger. In fact, Kidd-Gilchrist is the youngest player in the entire draft not turning 19 until late September. (Players can be drafted if they turn 19 during the calender year of the draft and have one year after their high school class graduating.)

  With the 3rd pick, the Washington Wizards select....

Bradley Beal.

I outlined this in the last mock. The reasons have not changed, nor are they likely to.

With the 4th pick, the Cleveland Cavaliers select....

Last week I had Barnes at number 9. This week, I have Barnes at number four because Chad Ford says so.

Okay not really. The Cleveland Cavaliers, like the Hornets would have been if they had stayed at #3, are the key to this draft. A lot of people expect that the Cavs could go a lot of ways here. Could they go upside? Production now? Fill a hole at SF?

That means any number of things. Harrison Barnes is what I settled on with the Cavs still being very happy with Tristan Thompson. Andre Drummond, in part because he is a true C who can play the position defensively, but needs a lot of time to develop, could also be a pick here. If the Cavs are looking for the best player regardless of position, Drummond might be the perfect fit in fact. Would Thomas Robinson be ideal given that he is a ready now player?

That said, I bet the Cavs, as Ford notes in his mock draft, who were intrigued with Harrison Barnes last season, and I suspect in this draft they will remain enamored of him. Of course, by the time the combine ends, or on June 28th (the day of the draft), this can always change.

The Cavs are a tough team to pick but without Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (a perfect fit in my estimation) on the board, they need to come away with another quality player here. As to what that constitutes is anybody's guess.

With the 5th pick, the Sacramento Kings select....

Aye Carumba. I'm going to reverse myself a bit here and go with Thomas Robinson.

Why Robinson? A great rebounder, great defender, great energy and leadership. All things the Kings desperately need. Plus that Robinson can step in and start at PF right away, that's another bonus for the Kings as well.

P.S. If you're not familiar with Robinson's tragic family history, make yourself familiar with it.

At the 6th pick, the Portland Trail Blazers select....

  Andre Drummond has a lot of talent. So much talent, and the potential pairing next to LaMarcus Aldridge for many years at that, and what's the other options for Portland exactly? Jared Sullinger? John Henson?

It's hard to see how the Blazers pass up Drummond if he's available at 6. But I've been surprised before too....

 At the 7th pick, the Golden State Warriors select.... 

 This is the Warriors roster. In a lot of ways, it's hard not to see how exactly Sullinger doesn't fit. Besides, Sullinger would be able to play with a lot of space players who can shoot the ball from deep. It seems almost like a perfect fit honestly.

At the 8th pick, the Toronto Raptors select.... 


 Damian Lillard. I talked about him in last week's mock draft. I see no reason to not put him here again. But if Dion Waters is the pick here, as Chad Ford has him in his latest mock draft, I'm not entirely shocked by this either. Because so many players right now have pretty wide range draft picks, guessing at this stage is as a flip of the coin as much as anything.

At the 9th pick, the Detroit Pistons select....


Oh boy, oh boy. This is a tough spot for the Pistons to pick. This is their roster. Just for arguments sake, and just because, I'll put Terrence Jones here.

At the 10th pick, the New Orleans Hornets select....


Perry Jones III. Why? Why not? I maintain that Jones is a SF, a point forward type of SF no less, and that dramatically changes things for PJ3. If you look at PJ3 as a ball handing point forward, he might be the best facilitator in the entire draft.

Looking at New Orleans roster, it's hard to argue with that notion.

At the 11th pick, the Portland Trail Blazers select....

Tony Wroten. Wroten has the talent to be the best NBA product from Garfield HS (Seattle) since the last time Garfield produced an upper echelon prospect in the NBA: Brandon Roy.

Wroten is not Roy, nor should he ever confused for being Brandon Roy. But if Wroten ever learns a few things, and can shoot the ball at least marginally well, Wroten could have a remarkably wonderful career. For a team like Portland that needs talent, it's hard to see how Wroten doesn't fit that bill.

At the 12th pick, the Milwaukee Bucks select....


Terrence Ross. I think. I'm not really sure who to put here yet because I'm just not sure yet. But needless to say, I'm a bit flummoxed to put here.

If Royce White didn't scare the living beejeezus out of everyone, he would seem like a great fit in Milwaukee. The problem in the NBA is that White is afraid of flying, and that's a bit of a problem if you will play in the NBA.

At the 13th pick, the Phoenix Suns select....


 I'll go with Dion Waters again. Why not? Seems like a perfect fit for Phoenix. The only question is whether Waters would be available at the 13th pick which is a reasonable question at this stage.

At the 14th pick, the Phoenix Suns select....


Jeremy Lamb? As last time, it would make sense that the Rockets may look to replace Martin at SG. John Henson is a great possibility if they love him. And, well, why not Arnott Moultrie?

I'm going with Lamb again just because.


There it is. Have fun with this. I know I will a month from now.



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