Friday, May 18, 2012

Pacers put Dwyane Wade on life support as Pacers take game three convincingly

This game was over before it began. Well not really, Miami led by 9 after the first but the Pacers never looked back as they cruised to a 94-75 to win game three and take the series lead, 2 games to 1.

This story should be about how well the Pacers played, controlling the glass, being aggressive offensively and doing a great team effort defensively against the Miami Heat. However, nothing is ever about the Miami Heat’s opponent, it will always be about them.
Let’s make it about them then. If they so dare. I want to start with the biggest culprit on the Heat, no not Lebron James and his amazing flopping and acting jobs, but Dwyane Wade. Wade had the nerve to complain about the Pacers game two celebration on the court (which lasted under 10 seconds) and then come to Indiana to put in 5 points. That is right, 5 points. “Superstars” are not suppose to only chip in five points, especially in the playoffs. Paul Pierce has never scored under 10 in a game in his career, let alone a playoff game. Dwyane Wade has no body but himself to blame here. We saw him bickering and yelling at everyone else on the bench. Wrong, poor attitude translates into a poor performance, and that is exactly what happened to Wade last night.

Roy Hibbert needs some praise. The young center is having a hell of a career in the post season, averaging close to 12 rebounds and 4 blocks in his 8 career playoff games. Indycornrows explains it better than I do:

Roy Hibbert finally broke through tonight, piecing together his finest postseason game, one of his finest period (if not his greatest given the stage). Roy finished with 19 points, 18 rebounds, and 5 blocks, pedestrian in the block category, sure, but Hibbert inched close to a 20-20 night and the power in which he played, for him to finally figure out the Heat defenders in a way that he can be successful? That could make games moving forward very fun for Big Roy, who made Eric Spoelstra's decision to start Dexter Pittman look as inane as it appeared and proceeded to beat up on the outmatched Miami front line.

This game was pivotal, although it doesn’t guarantee anyone a series victory, it does put more pressure on the Miami Heat, who most want to fail, and has given the young Pacers a reason to believe, now that they only need to win 2 out of 5 to take the series. Definitely a gloomy day in Miami (regardless of the weather) as All You Can Heat has this little nugget:

94-75 loss game 3 to the Pacers. 2nd Playoff loss in a row. No Chris Bosh (at least for the relative future). You don’t need a Garmin to tell you, the HEAT Bus has arrived at the desired location, in front of the Darkness Estate, which lies inside the Abyss development, on Pitch-Dark Lane, in Dismal, Indiana.
I think everyone is expecting a different Heat team come game four. Erik Spoelstra will definitely need to find some magic up his sleeve because right now the Pacers seem to be doing anything right. They are feeding the big man offensively and doing a great job of stopping one of the two Miami stars with Chris Bosh out. Don’t expect anyone on the Miami bench to step up.


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