Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hawks push series to six with 87-86 victory over Celtics

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images - Edit by: Payton Wales)
This game was very strange.  A pure dog fight until the very end.  The Hawks were up big while giving up the lead entirely in the last two minutes of the 3rd, setting up one physical fourth quarter.  Atlanta was able to secure the victory after basically trying  to throw the game away literally. Well don't take my word for it, watch below.

Many angles to look at with this play.  Rondo is being murdered by Boston fans unnecessarily but they are just spoiled brats.  Before I break down this play, let's rewind back throughout the last few minutes. The one problem I had was the lack of confidence in Mickael Pietrus to take that three, all be it they didn't need a three, but to pass down an open shot with under 10 seconds in the shot clock was not in his blood.  Instead, Mickael passed to Pierce, who is on one leg, forcing him to make an attempt prior to the shot clock violation.  Anyway let's move on.

The biggest problem with this play had nothing to do with the steal or the turnover, it had to do with no timeouts remaining.  If the Celtics had a timeout, I believe this game, well series, would be over.  That didn't happen so let's move on.  First, let's give props to Rondo for even giving the Celtics a chance to take the lead forcing a turnover with an incredible steal.  That needs to be said.

Now the turnover.  I have the same issues that everyone else is focusing in on.  Why didn't Rondo attack the rim?  Why didn't Rondo pass when Kevin popped on an awful pick that he set? Why didn't Rondo just throw up a desperation shot after failing to make a decision on the previous mentioned questions.  My head hurts.  But don't think these questions aren't running through Rondo's head either.  We saw the post game "incident" that people are over blowing.  Rajon is a competitor and a darn good one.  He will bounce back and I expect the Celtics to move on, but the Hawks have different plans.


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