Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chris Andersen under investigation for Internet criminal activity related to child pornography

Now before we touch on this sensitive matter. I want to be on the record to state that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.  Having said this, the story is basically the Feds have been investigating Chris Andersen since February 2012 on this child pornography ring.  Again, no further news other than his name has been brought and a raid on his house has taken place.  Story right here: SB Nation

Investigators have an ongoing investigation that began from a referral from a California law-enforcement agency. Deputies recovered property from the residence they believe is connected to the ongoing case.  

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) unit began investigating Anderson in February 2012 in reference information that was provided by a law enforcement agency in California.  

 Douglas County Sheriff’s Office took over the criminal investigation at that time. DCSO has recovered property from the residence that we believe is connected to this case.  

 This is a search warrant and no arrests have been made.

Well this is all we have on the story right now. Stay tuned.


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