Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boston vs. Atlanta Game 6 - 4th Quarter Live Blog

Here’s why a Fourth Quarter live blog of Celtics-Hawks Game 6 is a stupendous idea.  I’m a big Celtics fan.  Cut me, and green pours out (along with gin, at least tonight).  So things will go one of two ways:  The Celtics win, eliminate Atlanta, and I’ll write with such a “Homer-ish” vigor, you’ll get upset, and send me angry tweets (@PBTBENKEZ).  If Atlanta wins, and forces a Game 7, I’ll write with such angry, irrational vitriol, you’ll send me concerned tweets (@PBTBENKEZ).  This is what you call a win-win situation, my friends.  Unless the Celtics lose.  So here’s what happened in the last 12 minutes of basketball, live from Boston.  I’ll be watching the game with the Boston announcers (Mike Gorman, Tom Heinshohn).  I apologize if there is any offensive language.  It’s the Playoffs.

12:00 min left:  Boston up 67-63, thanks to a Rondo buzzer beating jumper to end third.  Winner of this series gets Philadelphia.  Joe Johnson is actually alive and hitting shots.  Kevin Garnett is playing out of his mind.  Cocktail #3 for your writer.  A lot of juggling going on.  Gonna be a long quarter.

11:35 left:  Erick Dampier’s fat butt gets rejected by Garnett, but he recovers and promptly rejects Ryan Hollins on the other end.  These guys are actually getting minutes in a Game 6 of the Playoffs.

10:42 left:  Tommy Heinsohn tells Atlanta Hawks owner (who was whining about calls after Game 5) Michael Gearon Jr. to call him after the game.  I’d like to hear that conversation.

9:29 left:  Josh Smith doesn’t sub in, gets told he can’t be subbed in, then bitches until he gets a technical.  It’s plays like that that show Smith is not a winner.  Team is down, you’re on the road, and you can shut your stupidass mouth.  Ray Allen hits the free throw, Celtics up 72-65.  On the bright side for J-Smooth, after the made technical free throw, he can now check in the game!

8:36 left:  Kevin Garnett with 26 points and 10 rebounds.  Woot.  After the Hawks call timeout, Tracy McGrady bricks a three as the teams head to their huddles.  For some reason, I find this hilarious.  Keep shooting T-Mac.  Has anyone called his fat butt Big Mac yet?  If not, you heard it here first.

7:45 left:  Why does Hinrich wear those glasses?

7:00 left:  Haws have gone cold (1 for their last 8), but Celtics can’t land a knockout punch.  Boston still up 9, at 74-65.  Garnett with a much needed rest.  It won’t be short, KG, so suck down some fluids, beat someone up, then check back in.

5:43 left:  I knock on Ryan Hollins, but he’s giving Boston some good energy, good defense, and good rebounding.  Taken Greg Steimsma’s minutes.  That’s too bad for Vanilla Thunder.

Under 5 minutes left, 5 point game.  Liquor cabinet being visited at next stoppage of time.  Being visited HARD.

3:52 left:  Smith to Horford alley-oop makes it a 1 point game.  Horford said before the game that he didn’t know if he could go 40+ minutes again.  I think he’s played every minute so far.  He’s a gamer.

Commercial break:  Miller Lite Pop Top Can – “Getting Dumb College Kids Drunker, Faster!”

3:15:  Hawks lead.  Fucking Brandon Bass, terrible defense.  Smith blows right by him for a dunk.  I hate Josh Smith.

Under two minutes:  A Pierce layup ends a 14-2 Hawks run.  After a stop by Boston, Rajon Rondo travels under the basket.  Damn, that was a layup and the lead.  I want to stop writing and concentrate on this game.  But I won’t, because I am a valuable member of the PBT staff!!

42.3 seconds left:  The Celtics are dead tired.  Exhaused.  They can barely stand.  This doesn’t bode well for their offense.  Garnett well short on a fallaway, but a huge offensive rebound by Hollins.  Foul on Horford, timeout Atlanta.  Time for Doc Rivers to draw up a play.  A big play.  LIVE MAS CELTICS!

30 seconds left:  KG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  80-79 Boston

12 seconds left:  Josh Smith, the guy Celtics fans want shooting the ball, misses terribly.  Ray Allen rebound, but only knocks down 1 of 2.  Boston is up 2 (81-79) with 9.3 seconds left.  I don’t watch the Hawks, usually ever, but I think I can say that wasn’t the guy, or the shot, they wanted.  Smith has a boatload of talent, but his jumpshooting has always been his Achilles heel.

3.1 seconds left:  Paul Pierce with a huge block (contact, but no foul) on Joe Johnson.  Hawks still have it.  My heart is acting like it’s in a mosh pit in my chest.  Tell my wife and daughter I love them, if I don’t make it.

3.1 seconds left:  By the way……IT’S ONLY ROUND ONE!

2.3 seconds left:  Why is Marquis Daniels guarding Al Horford?  Can someone fucking answer me this fucking question?  He just fouled Al (who would have dunked it), so I guess it’s not all bad.  Unless Horford makes his free throws.  WHICH HE DOESN’T!!!!!!!!!!!  1 of 2 for Horford.  The Hawks immediately foul 

Paul Pierce.  Boston is up 1 with 1.3 seconds left.

Pierce first free throw…..TRUE.

Pierce second free throw……TRUTH.

The Hawks have no timeouts left, and Jeff Teague runs into Rajon Rondo (foul?????), but no call.  BOSTON WINS 83-80.  Dogfight of a game.  Boston vs. Philadelphia, Game 1, Saturday night, in Boston.  Good night folks.


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