Friday, April 6, 2012

DeMarcus Cousins calls out Blake Griffin, rightfully so

"(Griffin is) in L.A. where actors belong," Cousins said. "He's an actor, so of course he would say that."

Sac Bee

Preach Boogie! Seriously, you are probably wondering about this comment out of context.  Well below are the issue's Cousins had with Blake Griffin's acting to get fouls called in his father.  No fan can honestly reject Cousins' opinions because he has a fair point.  Ever since Blake became America's Sweetheart, he has been getting the all star calls, just for a few dunks.  We pointed out a few days ago about the elbow/forearm to Pau Gasol's head for a no call but caused fans to go bonkers over Blake's consistently overrated plays.  I am not as big on Blake as most people because I tend to eat humble pie for lunch every day but I am glad I am not the only one not riding the Blake Griffin wagon.
"If they're going to let it be physical, it's usually physical on both ends," Cousins said. "You saw the game, so I really ain't got to say much."

Cousins swiped at the ball and missed. Griffin grabbed his eye and a foul was called.

"I guess the wind from my hand hit him in the eye," Cousins said. "I guess he got fouled by the wind."
And Cousins for the knock out.  He is right, acting has no place in the NBA but with today's officials, they tend to be mroe acting coaches then game officials.


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