Friday, April 13, 2012

David Stern does not like the Maloofs

Watching the presser with David Stern told me one thing: He really does not like the way the Maloofs are handling themselves. At all. Their press conference was to convince an anti-trust jury (because that's where this is heading--I'll explain in a bit) that the NBA has in it for the Maloofs in Sacramento.

David Stern admitted several key facts that many people had been wondering.

Chief among those facts are that the NBA would loan 67 million, and give 7 extra million to cover the Maloofs full share of an arena. The Maloofs said no to this.

The NBA worked it's collective asses off with the city of Sacramento, Anschuntz Entertainment Group (they run Staples Center in LA among many venues, own the LA Kings hockey team and have a roughly 30% stake in the Lakers) actually would have contributed money to an arena.

The NBA has exhausted resources in trying to get a deal.

The City of Sacramento has exhausted resources to try and get a framework that would lead to a deal.

AEG has contributed money, and likely would have made the arena profitable with their insane amount of connections and reach when it comes to attracting other types of entertainment.

Apparently the Maloofs didn't want to remain the owners because they wouldn't be the darlings in Sacramento anymore. Nobody likes them. NOBODY. They are stupid piece of shit assclowns who deserve to rot in hell, but won't because they still have a net worth somewhere around 200 million dollars.

This is not a Seattle-Oklahoma City situation. Clay Bennett was prepared, and while I don't agree moving away from Seattle was in the NBA (or Bennett's) best long term interests, and so badly wanted to move a team to Oklahoma City he was able to do so. This is not what happened. The Maloofs are winging it, are broke compared to other NBA owners, and are upset that people don't think they are viable ownership.

This situation just got ridiculously ugly because the Maloofs are upset that the world doesn't eat out of the palm of their hand. At the worst, the NBA fights the Maloofs on the anti-trust point and keeps the Kings in Sacramento. At most, the NBA will let them move but to Seattle or Kansas City. (Seattle is a lot more likely from where I stand.)

I feel ill, sad, and confused. Most of all, a situation that had ridiculous amounts of angst, frustration and false starts finally had started to emerge as a viable, reasonable, and engaged solution for all parties involved. It's fallen apart because the Maloofs are vindictive teenage brats in 50 something bodies. No really. That's why the city of Sacramento and the Maloofs do not have a deal right now. As much as I hate the Maloofs right now, I hope they continue to fight the NBA and lose everything. When I mean everything, I mean every dollar to their name. If Sacramento loses the Kings, that's the least karma can do for longtime suffering Kings fans in the River City.

It's disappointing, but there are other bigger long term issues here with the NBA, the city of Sacramento, ownership, the Maloofs, and the Kings. Which is the only reason the Kings are still in Sacramento in the 1st place.

In case you want it,the fabulous Jon Santiago of the fabulous Cowbell Kingdom compiled Stern quotes from the presser.


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