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Daily Dribbles: 4.20.12

Good evening, Dribblers! We have a late one today for you, but it will be short and sweet, getting you some of today and yesterday's news so you can get to your hockey playoffs and basketball games. So, let's get to it and stop procrastinating, like next year's Dwight Howard free agency decision.

Big news today was Billy Hunter and Co. ... OK, I'll be fair for technicalities sake, the NBA union's executive committee has asked Derek Fisher to resign as president. The board voted 8-0 that it had lost confidence in Fisher's ability to lead. Of course, Fisher refused to step down.

Obviously a lot of this stems back to this summer's lockout and the scrum that Billy Hunter and Fisher had through it, which also included an instance when Fisher was rumored to go behind Hunter's back to privately cut a deal with David Stern and Adam Silver. They are at odds, and this is one of the few ways for Hunter to not only keep his job, but save some face in the process.

Not saying Fisher wasn't detrimental to the process at some points, but let's be honest, everyone was an asshole this past summer. With that said, I wouldn't mind seeing the whole thing revamped on the players side by next year. But maybe that's just my lack of willingness to get a cattle poker to the butt just to get a injury-riddled 66-game NBA season every six years or so. (ESPN)

On the heels of us hearing Dwight Howard was going to refuse to play for Stan Van Gundy, the big man is now being shut down for the season, meaning they are screwed for the playoffs. Here is my opinion.

Howard said the only way he is staying is if they have playoff success. Van Gundy has shown he can get teams there. Howard hurt his back and is was first reported that it would take 10 days to recover a few others said 2-3 weeks. Now, with a second opinion, he is going to shut it down, virtually ensuring playoff failure and in the process getting rid of Van Gundy. I mean, assuming Orlando still wants to deal with Howard next year. (NBA)

In my opinion, they should have dropped him this year. Also, I am not saying Howard isn't really hurt, but I am questioning the timing and the new diagnosis. It's strangely convienent for the NBA's newest annoyance. It makes me long for the days of a ridiculously off-the-wall Wilt Chamberlin story. You know, like the one where he killed five mountain lions with his bare hands while having sex with 50 women and scoring 65 points all at the same time?

I love you Dwight Howard, and by love, I mean I wish you would go the hell away until you grow up. We already have one village idiot in Shaq; the NBA doesn't need another. Seriously.

Milwaukee Bucks forward Larry Sanders has been suspended two games without pay for initiating an altercation, failing to leave the court in a timely manner and actions following his ejection -- all during the Bucks' 118-109 loss to the Indiana Pacers April 19. (NBA)

This was interesting to watch and could only be topped by the fun that happened in the Miami/Chicago game where James Jones was ejected for trying to take off the head Bulls' Joakim Noah with what can only be considered a football hit. (NBA) Miami won, and good times were had by all.

It was reported April 19 the Blazers had inquired with the Lakers about reaching out to Mitch Kupchak with a job possibility, which basically gave almost all of Laker nation a heart attack. The Blazers have since said no such inquiry was made, which means there were about a half million heart attacks that could have been prevented yesterday. Of course every Laker fan is still holding their breath because this is really just posturing. So if you have a Laker fan in your family, just be prepared for the fainting spell. Try and get them to breath by reassuring them Jim Buss isn't all THAT bad, even if it's a complete lie. (NBA)

Oh yeah, and if any of you saw Larry Brown come on NBATV and basically lie to us about being in contact with SMU for a job, this will give you a little "I knew it" vindication. Brown has accepted the SMU head coaching position, which means he is bound for the Big East, which means he can stop messing up NBA franchises by not playing their best players because they are too young or doing the same thing in the Olympics. Oh yeah, and I know he has titles in both places. Doesn't always mean his philosophies are correct, just means they managed to work twice out of his 800-year reign. (NBA)

OK, so I am not a HUGE Larry Brown fan ... sue me. Just kidding, don't, all I own is whiskey and Twinkies, and I need the whiskey to keep me warm in this whacked-out East Coast weather, and the Twinkies for when the world ends Dec. 21.

That's it. Call it a night folks. Have a great and safe weekend. Enjoy the hockey, enjoy the basketball and I will see you on Monday, maybe sooner if you are good. Until then, have a good one!

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Drollinger, Ralph 1980-1980
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Houston, Allan 1993-2009
Murray, Ken 1950-1954
Murray, Lamond 1994-2005


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