Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Daily Dribbles: 4.18.12

By Payton Wales

Jumping right into the news today.

Lebron James says winning a third MVP would "mean a lot." It would also mean nothing. As a matter of fact, it would almost be detrimental to his legacy at this point if he won but didn't get a title. It would be more detrimental to the shine of his present-day legacy to get that third MVP. He needs a title with it. He has to know it. Unfortunately, he also had to answer the question he was asked. Give him credit for answering honest. Crush him for what is perceived as his obsession with accolades and self-branding over winning titles. (ESPN)

Speaking of which: can you remember when we still liked James? Probably around the time of these.

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry likely won't return this season due to an ankle injury. (ESPN) I gotta be honest, if you didn't think this was Curry's outcome two weeks ago, you really shouldn't be operating anything more complicated than a Big Wheel on a daily basis.

Apparently things are getting a little testy down in Charlotte. Last night, it appeared Bobcats head coach Paul Silas and player Tyrus Thomas got into an altercation that ended with Silas pushing Thomas into a locker after a verbal argument. No blows were thrown, but my money is on Silas. (Rufus On Fire)

If you need to ask why, I'm sure a pictorial of this season through the expression of Paul Silas facepalms will sum it up for you.

It looks like Dwight Howard is in the news again. Seems the man can't shut the F@#% up when he needs to, which is all the more annoying for us, so imagine how the Magic feel. I really wish he would vanish into some abyss until he signed some long-term contract. Maybe it his beef with coach Stan Van Gundy; maybe it's his back being injured right as they embark on the playoffs, which almost assures they have no chance at winning the whole thing. Whatever it is, I'm done with this Superman and so are a lot of others. (TheNoLookPass)

By the way, have you ever noticed that the people who take on the nickname Superman seem to lack the ability to emulate his best traits, like humility? Just saying.

Speaking of other people I can't stand at the moment. The Maloofs are high on my list of  people who could end up on the side of a roadside ditch with an eye patch on and I wouldn't even care. (TheNoLookPass)

Oh yeah! And that wet willy from Delonte West cost him a cool $25,000. Guess that's the new going rate. (ESPN)


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