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The Silly Season - Part Three - Steve Nash by Brian Geltzeiler

The Silly Season - Part Three - by Brian Geltzeiler

Steve Nash legacy

It’s that time of year again.  The trade deadline is right around the corner.  Rumors are flying.  GMs and personnel executives are lying through their teeth and asking far too much from their peers for players who are more times than not overpaid and not worth it.  Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon refers to Christmas as the Silly Season right here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOP6uMTYaM8 .  In the NBA, this period of time is as silly as any.  Let’s just hope this group of NBA personnel executives don’t pull someone off a ledge with them like Mel does in Lethal Weapon.  

This column is devoted to the Silly Season.  We’re loaded with rumors of star players being available.  In this hectic compressed season, the schedule is the great equalizer, which makes the possibility of random outcomes at playoff time more likely.  Players could very well be flying around the league like bullets in the Wild West.  Here are some thoughts on some of the biggest names that could move as we head into The Silly Season.  
Since last season began and it became painfully evident that the Phoenix Suns were no longer a team that would be contending, the speculation about a Steve Nash trade has been constant.  Nash has made it clear that he would never request a trade out of Phoenix unless management thought it was in their best interests.  Suns management has never approached Nash about being traded because they never wanted to insult him.  Now please don’t get me wrong.  This type of two sided loyalty is virtually nonexistent in today’s sports world.  However, the underlying problem is that this loyalty has become bad for business for both parties.  

Because Nash is too polite and truly cares about his public image and the fans of the city of Phoenix, he’s never been comfortable discussing a trade with Suns management.  The net result of this for Nash has been playing out some of the last years of his career for a lottery bound team.   If Nash had pushed his way towards a contender, he could have been winding up his career with much more glory and perhaps more money.  In the same vein, if the Suns had attached one of their grotesque contracts (take your pick, Childress, Frye or Warrick) to Nash, they could have brought back a young player or two, a draft pick or tow, and put themselves on the road to having some salary cap space.  Instead, once Nash leaves, they’ve got a 4-5 year rebuilding project on their hands.  

I believe that both sides could smarten up in the next week and realize that a divorce could be mutually beneficial.  Nash his going to be a free agent at the end of the season and a playoff run on a contender could very well fetch him a few more bucks in a new deal.  Although the Suns won’t get a lot for him, they could get back a young player or two to assist in beginning the post Nash era.  Considering that point guard has become a pretty deep position in the NBA, trade partners are not totally obvious.  However, I think these two teams should do what they can to bring in Steve Nash.  

The Dallas Mavericks are the defending NBA champions.  They’re trying to straddle a line between defending their title and keeping the maximum level of salary cap space to be big players in free agency, erring on the side of the cap space.  Bringing Nash back to a place where he spent some real good years of his career to make a playoff run with his old running mate, Dirk Nowitzki , almost makes too much sense.  There’s no doubt that he can share a back court with Jason Kidd.  Kidd defends mostly wings anyway.  The Mavericks could move young point guard Roddy Beaubois and dump Lamar Odom’s contract to the Suns for Nash.  It’s a gutsy move considering Beaubois’ age, but they don’t believe he’s their future at point guard and he probably gets the Suns to bite.  

The other team that ought to take a look at Nash is the Thunder.  Assuming the Rondo scenario I put forth is far fetched, the Thunder can get Nash at a much cheaper price.  It’s the same principle in moving Westbrook to a wing, except Nash leaves at the end of the season and just might teach Westbrook a thing or two he needs to know about playing point guard.  The Thunder could offer young players Cole Aldrich and Daquean Cook and expiring contracts in Royal Ivey and Nazr Mohammed.  Considering that Nash is a pure rental, it’s probably as good as Phoenix can do at this stage.  


Anonymous said...

Steve Nash is one of the best point guards to ever play the game. I'm a lifetime Laker fan and would love to see him on our team. It would make the Lakers a championship contender, this year, and give Nash a chance for that title, before he retires.

Anonymous said...

The Suns need to get Goran Dragic back. He's Steve Nash Jr. and doing quite well this year. He learned from the best and could continue the Nash playing era.

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