Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Knicks Mike D'Antoni quits, Mike Woodson to finish season

Mike D'Antoni is out as head coach of the New York Knicks, Yahoo! Sports reported Wednesday.
A source told the website it was a "mutual decision" between D'Antoni and the Knicks' front office.
The news comes after reports indicated Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony was unhappy with D'Antoni as the team's coach.
Assistant coach Mike Woodson will take over the team on an interim basis, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Good for Mike to get out of that hell hole.  Those players aren't worth coaching and this was a losing situation for him from the very beginning.  His system was not built for the personnel that James Dolan and company sought after and Mike will land on his feet again.  As much crap as I give him for his lack of defense, the best thing to happen to him this year was Carmelo's injury.


Nate Hughart said...

Even though Mike Woodson wasn't that popular in a number of corners (especially in Atlanta) during his time as Hawks coach, the truth is that much of the time Woodson had a rebuilding squad that wasn't even close to competing for a playoff spot let alone a title. It's a bit amusing that Woodson is in the same position D'Antoni is, and was there as the Hawks coach for a long time.

MIke D'Antoni came to the Knicks at a time where badly needed stability and competency in the basketball operation. Even though D'Antoni got one playoff appearance, the Knicks fate has been set by Jimmy Dolan and his idiot tendencies as MSG Chairman (aka the owner of the Knicks).

If Carmelo Anthony is dictating who is the coach for the New York Knicks, regardless of talent, the Knicks are grade A screwed for quite awhile. In fact, one has to wonder about the fate of Jeremy Lin with his recent struggles and how valuable Lin is with his talents without Mike D'Antoni as the head coach.

Either way, the Knicks have proven they don't have answers but they will always point fingers. As someone who has always thought ill of the Knicks organization, this pleases me to no end. I imagine a lot of Knicks fans are especially unhappy given the state of flux the Knicks have been in since Jeff Van Gundy left the franchise.

Haha Knicks!!! Have fun!!!

Jacob Noble said...

Well said Nate... somewhere George Karl is laughing.

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