Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Don't forget, Kris Humphries can play ball

Going from being the most talked about NBA player during the offseason and into the lockout to becoming one that no one even mentions except for the off court story of his marriage.  Kris Humphries isn’t complaining about the calmness in the locker room and media.

I am not going to rehash his personal life because, well, that is his personal life, not mine.  Instead fans should be talking about Kris Humphries because of the way he is playing this season.  Actually, we should appreciate what he has done for the past couple of years.

You wouldn’t know how well he is playing because if you google search his name, you end up with all the stories about his off the court life.  When really, he has been able to keep the Nets afloat without Brook Lopez and an inconsistent All Star in Deron Williams.

The Nets are 7-4 when Kris leads both teams in rebounding.  He has been rebounding at a great rate the past couple of seasons, which could explain why Brook Lopez has seem a decrease in rebounding statistics. 

Opposing players are starting to not want to play against this guy.  He plays hard and aggressive at all times.  He might be taking his frustrations out on his opponents as evident with Tyson Chandler last night.  Kris got under the big man’s skin allowing Chandler to lose his cool.

His efficiency has been incredible this season with +19.29 EFF.  His 14.6 points per game in the month of February have helped keep the Nets somewhat competitive.  A lot of teams did not offer him a contract, which forced Kris to resign with the Nets.

Kris has had a tremendous season so far considering everything that has happened off the court.  Just remember that he can play the game of basketball professional.  And lately, he has been doing it very well.


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