Monday, January 23, 2012

Daily Dribbles: 1/23/2012

Hours after Joe Paterno's passing, snow covered the ground of the Penn State campus 
and provided one last "white out" for the departed coach and loyal fans.

Good morning Dribblers! How are you this wonderfully miserable Monday morning? Don't lie; it's Monday and no one is happy on a Monday. Well, except maybe the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. But the rest of us schucks are here on the grind as usual, already counting down the hours till Friday's happy hour. So here's to you Monday. May you move swiftly and without incident.

Wanted to take a second to send my thoughts, prayers and condolences to the Paterno family.  The college landscape lost a wonderful father, teacher and mentor of great men and women. Like all of us, he made mistakes, but like so few of us he taught many to overcome those same type of mistakes and become productive and intelligent young men and women. His legacy may be marred by the here and now, but I prefer to look at his body of work and realize he was responsible for over 60 years of community service. The man was more than a football coach, and if you do not realize that, then you are choosing to be blind and thus ignorant. Goodbye, Joe Pa. A man, a legend, an institution. You will be missed, but your legacy will outlive us all.

There is nothing harder to transition out of than what I wrote above so it's much easier to say I'm doing as much instead of being overly clever so now, on to the association.

First, let's get in the inspirational sponsor. Today's Dribbles are brought to you by -- ahh hell it needs to be some energy -- let's get this day started right: My Chemical Romance – Na Na Na [Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na] via Spotify If that doesn't get your blood going, then you're obviously suffering from Samardo Samuels' disease.

Yes, I have decided to exclusively pick on Samuels this year. Enjoy it.

It looks like the Utah Jazz are really trying to downplay swirling rumors that they are trying to get rid of veteran point guard Devin Harris. The Jazz, who have been playing well at home to start the season (8-2), seem to be defending some of Harris' recent poor play and giving him a vote of confidence to stay in Utah, which we all know means he will be traded by the end of the month. But it is Utah, so I doubt Harris will miss the place. (Salt Lake Tribune)

What happened to Harris? Four years ago he was the Dallas Mavericks starting point guard and considered the future of the franchise. Now, he is Devin Harris of the Utah Jazz, who regularly shoots 0-for-7. I always hate seeing a player fall like that, especially when the reasons are unclear.

Rumors are also swirling Celtics GM Danny Ainge is very open to blowing up the nucleus of the team after a 6-9 start to the season. (ESPNBoston)

Not to be outdone by the Celtics, Lakers fans have decided they want to blow up the team because they lost three games in a row. I mean the three losses do take them out of playoff contention with only 48 games left to play. There's no time like the present to overreact though ... TRADE EVERYONE BUT THE MAMBA!

Which reminds me, if you haven't seen the Kobe press conferences on from the past few months, you have missed out. Let me give you one to wet your whistle. You're welcome!

Speaking of the Mamba, for all of you people who laughed at me when I said he would average 30 points per game this year, you are also welcome! What did you expect the man to do with an extra three months rest and 20 less games to play? You had to know he would assult the league the way he is.

Also, for those of you that forgot Sunday was the eve of Kobe's 81 points against the Toronto Raptors, here you go ... you're welcome!

OK, I'm going to stop saying you're welcome now. You're welcome!

My Kobe orgasm is over, what else is in the news?

For some of you, the idea of Ricky Rubio in America was a joke. An over-hyped European prodigy that was too gutless to come play in America when his chance arrived. I suppose you had the right to feel that way, considering the last teenage European prodigy -- Darko Milicic -- was seemingly a bust. (Sidenote: Darko is quietly having his second good season in a row.) Don't look now, but looking at Rubio's seemingly seamless transition, you would think the kid has been playing here for years.

Rubio averages throughout 16 games total 11 points, 2.4 steals, 8.3 assists and 4.6 rebounds. The stat that stands out most for me is the rebounds. On several occasions Rubio has been one or two rebounds short of a triple double. The only point guard in recent memory to consistently approach that type of game was Jason Kidd. Regardless of comparisons at age 21, the kid obviously has the talent to play in this league and has Minnesota looking very scary to other teams in the league right now. (Reuters)

We all know Glenn "Big Baby" Davis is a ham. We also now know he is a bozo. I mean, pulling your pants down to protest a call is quite possibly the silliest thing I have seen in awhile. I can only imagine what the guy will do if he get's pulled over by the police and wants to protest the ticket. The man is mad I tell you mad. Let's be honest, only a highly-funtioning sociopath eats spaghetti and pancakes in the same meal.

Rajon Rondo missed Jan. 22's game against the Washington Wizards due to a sprained wrist. He is listed as day-to-day. (ESPNBoston) Kobe Bryant is in L.A. laughing wildly at Rondo and sending the man a bouquet of pink roses with a card that reads "Get well soon little man, I scored 48 with no ligament. What did you tear in there again?"

Breaking: The Toronto Raptors are terrible. ... Yeah, that's it. (ESPN)

And the last piece of news for the day if you could call it that. FoxSportsOhio reports the Lakers are trying to obtain Paul Peirce through a trade. OK, honestly, I can't even keep a straight face and type right now.
  1. The Lakers are already aging. I doubt they want to get geriatric. Wasn't that the whole point of going after CP3 and losing Odom and Gasol?
  2. Are you out of your mind! The day one of the Big Three gets traded directly to L.A. by Boston will also be the day Jack Bauer and his son that can see the future don't save the world. This would be a sure sign the world has ended and/or Stephen Hawkin found a way to divide by zero and end us all.   No way, no how. But here is the report so you can lower your IQ. Enjoy!
Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki will sit out the next four games to engage in a week of behind-the-scenes conditioning work to strengthen his sore right knee starting with Saturday's visit to the New Orleans Hornets, coach Rick Carlisle announced. (ESPN) The lockout injury tally continues to grow.  We are going to need a memorial site before the season is over.

That's it for today, Dribblers. I have to ease back into this thing. But I miss it and you, and I promise to be back tomorrow with more whatever the hell it is I produced above. Until tomorrow, have a good one!

Birthdays for January 23
Player Name (playing years)
Colone, Joe 1948-1948
Hoover, Tom 1963-1968
Hughes, Larry 1998-2009
McIntyre, Bob 1967-1969
Pritchard, John 1949-1949
Sanders, Frankie 1978-1980
Washington, Stan 1974-1974
Workman, Haywoode 1989-1999
Wright, Lonnie 1967-1971


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