Thursday, December 22, 2011

No. 4: Dirk Nowitzki

James Bucklin
Dirk Nowitzki- If I were basing my votes on the final half of last season plus the Playoffs, Dirk would have to be my #1. And I'm sure he got several top player votes. To be able to move and shoot the basketball like he does, at his size, is simply uncanny, and he has been nothing but super consistent for a long time. He has worked tirelessly to get to where he is, improving on the defensive end astronomically (remember when he was called "irk" since he had "no D?). Very glad to see him finally get his ring. Dirk deserves every bit of success that he has had.

Payton Wales
Dirk "The Ghostface Drillah" Nowitzki, is simply galvanizing as a player. I had him at No. 1 because, as a player, I have yet to see somebody as unstoppable as he has been the last two, three years. Yes, I know LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, but Nowitzki has simply been better.

His defense is nothing to write home about, but he is big and fast enough to still move his man around and into help defense. Top that off with the fact that Dirk has the skill set to score on any defender he comes up against and that's enough for me.

His jumper is butter and the man can get that thing off from any position on the floor, including vertical, horizontal, diagonal, cross-legged, planking, owling and while the championship banner is being lowered in front of the LeBron & Co. this year.  

Dirk was a world hero last May; I expect nothing less this December.

Ben Kenna
The Big Bratwurst became the darling of the NBA last season, playing the best basketball of an already illustrious career, that peaked with his first Championship.  And while he may be getting older, Dirk is still the #1 worst match up for anybody in the NBA.  Shoots over shorter defenders, blows by taller stiffs.  And his one-legged fall-away may be this generations Sky Hook.  As long as Dirk is healthy, he's in the discussion for best player in the League

Brandon Parker
Before last season's title run, Dirk would be several spots lower on this list. He's virtually unguardable, has one of the wettest jumpers ever and is a one-time MVP. Now with a championship ring on his finger, we see his clutch ability in the regular season AND playoffs. Thing is, he's just as old as Kobe (33), yet people rarely talk about him wearing down. Why? For one, he just won a title — many of us are prisoners of the moment like that. But more importantly, his boy Mark Cuban has ensured that Dirk has a solid supporting cast around him. Cuban knows Dirk can get him 50, but he also goes out and gets Jason Kidd to handle the ball, Jason Terry to be a sparkplug, Shawn Marion to run the floor and Tyson Chandler (until now) to rebound. Imagine if the Mavs get Dwight Howard and/or Deron Williams. Dirk's career could be extended even longer. Last year, Dirk's minutes and points were down a tad, but he had the best season of his life. He's got more swag now, which could make for an interesting next four years.

Jacob Noble
What can’t this guy do?   He has accomplished everything there is to accomplish, he is the greatest foreign player ever and no one seems to dislike this German.  As long as he avoids injury he will be a top player in this league.  He can do things he shouldn’t do because he is a guard in a big man’s body.  Dirk definitely was a beneficiary of the long off season playing all the way into the end of June.  Will the big man be able to pull off another championship run?


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