Thursday, June 16, 2011

NBA Player's Wife - Ayesha Alexander

Well the offseason has come upon us and it is time to find filler for the off season with our usual segments.  We are back to NBA Girlfriends and Wives with a fiancĂ©e of the Golden State Golden Boy, Stephen Curry.  Ayesha Alexander his girlfriend turned fiancĂ© from Davidson, whom he has been dating for three years.

Raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Ayesha is an inspired actress and model according to   Her website is under construction but she made the move to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming famous.  Born in Toronto, Canada, Miss Alexander has very light skin and elegant eyes, a perfect match for Stephen Curry.


Ayesha was born on March 23, 1989 and attended the prestigious York arts performing arts high school program.  She has appeared in various television series, most notably Hannah Montana.

Here the happy couple are playing at a Wal-mart, as Curry is riding a bike wearing a mask, I wish I could have embedded it.  She stands 5-8, as a green eyed beautiful 21 year old.  Her name translates to life.  A famous Canadian actor named Clarke Johnson saw a photo of her as a young child in a beautiful salon and submitted it to a casting agency.

She landed a role in The Santa Claus starring Tim Allen.  She has since won many awards, to view her list in various awards in modeling, acting and beauty, visit her website biography at  


kameriah said...
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kameriah said...

I'm only 10 years old and I still have time to complete my goal ☺☺����

kameriah said...

Ayesha Curry really inspired me. I look up to her as a sister.My mom is always telling me to "follow my dreams and never give up". And I won't. My dream is to be an actress, singer, and a model. Ayesha curry is a very beautiful woman and she is blessed with great talents and looks and I hope to grow just like her. I wish she could give me advice on being an actress and a model. I really want to see her one day.������

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