Sunday, May 23, 2010

Game Three: Magic vs Celtics Recap (Celtics 3-0)

"We're motivated for what's at stake. We see the big picture," said Pierce, who was the finals MVP when Boston won its record 17th NBA title in 2008. "We were coming home for two games on our home court. We're motivated. We can feel it. Guys know what its like to win a championship and play for a championship."

Pierce helped the Celtics open a 16-point, first-quarter lead, then watched as Rajon Rondo and Glen "Big Baby" Davis helped Boston coast to a 94-71 victory over the Orlando Magic and take a 3-0 lead in the best-of-seven Eastern Conference finals.

"He's comfortable in big games for whatever reason," said Rivers of Baby Davis. "You know, who knows why. But we know that, and we like it. He's not in awe of the moment at all. And he's been great off the bench for us. He's ready to come in if Perk or Kevin gets in foul trouble. We're asking him to guard all kinds of positions. Guarding Dwight Howard and then going out and guarding Rashard Lewis in the same game is very difficult, and he's doing both."

"We know we're a defensive team and that's what we thrive off of," said Paul Pierce. "We were able to turn them over, gather some momentum from our crowd and we just fed off our crowd tonight to tell you the truth. We felt their energy, felt their vibe. And at this point this team is playing too well and too confident to become complacent because we're a step closer to where we want to be."

"The most disappointing to me was that I didn't have our team better ready to play," said Magic coach Stan Van Gundy, who was himself knocked over late in the game when Kevin Garnett was pushed into the Orlando bench going after a loose ball. "It starts with me. It's my job. I'm the coach of this team. It starts with me and I'm not happy with where we had our team tonight or anything I did."

Pierce had 15 points and nine rebounds, Ray Allen scored 14 and Garnett added 10 points in just 24 minutes. But this time it wasn't the Celtics' aging all-stars that did the damage -- it was the two youngest players on the roster, Davis and Rondo, who were born in 1986, the year that Larry Bird and the original Big Three won the last of their three NBA titles.

"We worked on a lot of different stuff; a lot of different schemes," said Kevin Garnett. I think our two best days since we've been in the playoffs. We worked on a lot of different stuff and tonight we just applied it. It's that simple."

Davis scored 17 points, and Rondo added 11 points and 12 assists, and they also gave the team energy and defense that the Magic couldn't match, diving to the floor for loose balls and getting the crowd going with spectacular plays.

"What he's doing is, he's leading the team," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. "He's playing with great focus. He has a great sense of what to call offensively. And now he's giving an amazing effort, never giving up on any possession. When you have that speed and then you have that heart, you become a pretty good player."

"This is a tough one to swallow," Carter said. "To come out with a sense of urgency -- I don't feel like we really did that. They did a great job of really playing like they were down and they needed to win more than we did. And after about midway in that first, they started pulling away from us and we never recovered."

"We've got to resist the temptation of looking forward. We've got to win a game," Rivers said. "They're going to come back in the next game, and they're going to give us their best shot. They're a competitive group, and we know that. Quite honestly, we're not good enough to let up. I can tell you that."

"We can't hold our heads," Howard said. "This is a very tough situation, but if we already think about being defeated then we shouldn't even come for Game 4. We've got to just keep fighting and stay together."

Game notes
Howard and Kendrick Perkins were called for double-technicals late in the first quarter. ... Carter made a second-quarter layup after a botched alley-oop that went off Perkins' head. Celebrities such as Mark Walberg and Jake Gyllenhall were in attendance.  The Magic have no heart. - ESPN / Celticsblog

So I added the Magic have no heart in the game notes because i feel it should have been noted. Remember that .500 ball club after the Christmas Day Game beat down of Orlando? I sure don't, but all experts did which is why they picked Cleveland (some picked Cleveland to sweep) and they picked Orlando, and they will probably pick the Lakers. The Magic aren't interested in this series as evident in Game 2 See: Game of Faces. This role is perfect for the Celtics. Ok enough trash talk, lets analyze the game.

The Celtics did everything right in this game and Orlando did nothing at all. And I mean nothing at all. SVG may claim it is his fault the team wasn't prepared, but i did not see a lack of preparation, I saw a lack of will. Now if this means SVG didn't motivate the team to give it there all, then blame him. However, for a team that was 2 wins away from a Title last season, i don't think they needed much motivation.

The Celtics have taken away the ball movement the Magic are known for. When i think of Orlando, I think of that basketball swinging around the perimeter to find the open man, why the defense doubles Dwight. The Celtics are countering by playing Dwight 1 on 1 which is stopping the ball movement. The Magic had games with 10, 18, and 10 assists verses the Celtics, Rondo on the other hand himself had 8, 8, and 12 Assists with team totals of 21, 20, and 23. In a nut shell, One team is playing both ends of the floor while one team is, well, at least dressing for the games. - PBT


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